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Quotation: I chose this quotation from “Whatever,” as told by the narrator: “I’ve lived so little that I tend to imagine I’m not going to die; it seems improbable that human existence can be reduced to so little; one imagines, in spite of oneself, that sooner or later something is bound to happen” (p. 18).

Paraphrase: I have not really lived life yet, so it seems as though my life has not really begun, and for this reason, I feel as though I am never going to die. Because if life has not been lived, then how can one die? However, I remain optimistic that my life will begin at some point, because, after all, something is bound to happen.

Interpretation: The quote reveals the existential nature of the narrator. From the outside, he appears to have a decent life. His job pays well, and he is going through the motions of what a normal bachelor should do. However, he feels that there is not substance to his life, and this is bringing him down. He does not see the point, and this may be because he is more intelligent than those around him. Naturally, this leads to his difficulty forming meaningful relationships, because there are not many people who can speak to him on his level. He might find happiness if he met a girl who has the same interests as him, and is at his level of intelligence, but he seems to be hidden among a slew of meaningless people. However, he is still optimistic that one day his life will be different, and he will for the first time begin to live, “… sooner or later something is bound to happen” (p. 18).

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Critique: The quote reveals the internal struggle that the narrator is going through. It helps provide a clear picture about the way he sees the world around him. While the quote seems depressing, there is a shred of optimism contained within it, and it is remarkable that the narrator feels so positively when his life has been difficult and not meaningful to this point. This is what makes the quote so valuable – it describes what the narrator is feeling, and the optimism that he still possesses, which is an important point. The quote also reveals something that I believe many people feel, and perhaps particularly bachelors, bachelorettes and people in relationships that lack passion: there is no meaning in life. People can often find meaning in their lives when they are in meaningful relationships, and the quote makes it appear that the narrator has not experienced that. People can also find meaning in passions such as writing, or helping those in need, for example. However, the quote shows that none of these types of activities have happened to the narrator, though he is confident that his life will begin at some point. In a few words, the quote was able to summarize many of the important details about the narrator’s life, and his views about the world around him.

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