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Production Planning and Quality Management

Production Planning and Quality Management of Smart Phones. 

Production Planning and Quality Management

The production of smartphones is influenced by several factors. Marketing, finance and IT are some of the basic factors that control purchasing and selling abilities that would ultimately dictate how various entities produce the products. A company must ensure that marketing strategies employed in the process agree with financial and technological approaches. The alignment created by the three inputs is key to the success of a firm by enabling the product sold to attain market recognition and clients who will reliably help an entity dispose of its commodities (Al-Surmi et al., 2020). Marketing strategies require the attention of financial departments while IT usage is a vital factor in financial management and customer reach through marketing that expands the consumption bases of the smartphones produced. Availability of finances is an added advantage n the marketing pursuit that ensures a firm conducts proper marketing for the smartphones they supply. 

Moreover, the use of IT in the business industry today cuts across different departments from production to supply. Information technology is an effective model for improving the goods offered to customers by ensuring speed and quality (Camagni, 2018). By encouraging innovation, IT supports marketing approaches deployed in selling smartphones thereby ensuring boosted sales. Notably, financial capacitation is essential in leveraging IT and in marketing. The three aspects need to be compatible for the smartphone industry to rise and gain an advantage over other competing commodities. They support each other in the process even though they are applied independently by every enterprise. Without proper financing, IT cannot be used and marketing cannot be successful. Consequently, marketing, finance, and IT usage must be harmoniously incorporated into a firm for improved productivity that attracts the attention of both suppliers and buyers to later fetch income to an entity in the industry. 


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