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“A Campaign Map, Morphed By Money.”
The division of votes in the United States is fairly concentrated: the 2008 electoral map would indicate that the Republicans was the preferred party. The size of each state was distorted to reflect the electoral clout. It made some states with more electoral votes larger, while states with few electoral votes were made smaller. The money coming in for presidential funding for campaigns in specific states, known as the battle grounds, were limited to just 12 states. The spending per voter increased substantially in states that were relatively divided in who the population approved of. This video pointed out what the states were that were important to them in the election, and these states were the ones that were largely divided on who they wanted to vote for.

I thought this article was to the point, but it was unclear about what the point was. I’ve learned previously that the majority of spending on political campaigns is concentrated to the areas that are up for grabs, politically. I found it interesting to see that my home state of California was among the most democratic states in America. However, I was already fairly certain that this was the case. The video and accompanying article gave a good view of the states that have the most clout in the presidential election. It was interesting to note that there are only really 12 states that are the focus of spending for each of the competing parties.

Why is Mexico drug war being ignored?
It is shocking to see that during the presidential debate on the topic of foreign policy, there was no insight given to Latin America, specifically the drug violence that is taking place extremely close to the United States. There are about 60,000 people who have been killed since 2006 after the Mexican government’s military strike against the drug cartels. But President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in their debate were focused on what was happening in the Middle East. Mexico was ignored after a brief insight by Romney about neglected opportunities in Mexico. This is interesting given the geographic location of Mexico to the United States, and the affairs of Latin America should be a top priority for the United States. Specifically, alerting national security about the developments of the violence just south of the border should be a top priority.

This article was interesting to me because I have observed the presidential debates very closely to see how they play out in relation to public opinion polls. I don’t agree that more attention should necessarily be given to Latin America, because there are greater threats in the Middle East. The drug cartel in Mexico isn’t concerned with terrorism against the U.S., but some groups in the Middle East are. And, because terrorism is a top priority, and it is on the minds of many American citizens, the Middle East should be discussed, as opposed to the drug war in Mexico. While I believe a certain amount of attention should be given to what is happening in Mexico, it isn’t important enough to take up valuable time in the presidential elections. I think the U.S. doesn’t play much of a stake in the drug war, and it shouldn’t get involved if that war doesn’t affect what happens within the American borders.

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