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Assignment 1: Research Report

Success is often measured by material possessions that a person acquires and by the recognition of others for the attainment of such possessions. Many people take pride in their achievements and always seek new ways to either refine or strengthen the ways by which they meet their goals. Success is essentially driven and manifested by possessing an attitude that facilitates a strict personal responsibility for all actions and consequences. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions is usually fostered during childhood and increases in high school when applying for college, the time when many are getting ready to be adults (Essential Life Skill, 2006).

Responsibility is a quality that can be interpreted as the hallmark of the fully integrated, fully functioning human beings. Before a person becomes responsible, he or she must first understand what personal responsibility means (Hereford, 2007). It is essentially taking individual accountability for one’s actions. In other words, it is being able to take care of oneself without blaming or expecting others to do it for oneself. Self-reliance can play a role in three of the major aspects of a normal student’s life: school, work and home.  In school, it means turning homework in on time; at work, it means completing tasks effectively with due diligence, and in one’s home life it means committing to personal relationships (Hereford, 2007). This conglomerate that makes up a large portion of a person’s life relies on responsibility as its precursor. But a person first needs to be self-disciplined, committed and loyal to become responsible enough to effectively function in all facets of life.

Some might argue that too much reliance on the self can inhibit learning because it causes oneself to neglect teamwork or promising relationships. Often, professors assemble team groups, therefore, individuals find themselves meeting new people and developing better communication skills (Essential Life Skills, 2006). When a student only relies on him or herself, he or she can be eliminating the benefits of working with others who have different skills, knowledge and ideas. This, however, can be avoided if the student realizes his or her limitations and reaches out for help after doing his or her best. A person should have discipline in order to understand that working in a group involves a consorted effort, not just leaving the work for others to do. On the flipside, it also means allowing others to contribute (Wyatt, 1990).

Self-discipline works alongside commitment. Every decision made is based on desire. This desire relates to committing to relationships, work, and education. In light of the fast-paced lives that most Americans live, commitment remains an important entity in personal responsibility. Many Americans have decided to return to school to provide a better life for their family, which consists of dividing their time strategically in order to fulfill their duties (Wyatt, 1990). Many working students have no choice but to commit to working, attending school and spending time with their family. These concerns often lead to personal responsibility, which might not take place if there was no commitment to success or, in this example, wanting to provide more for one’s family.

Loyalty is a vital to succeed in most areas of life. As a working individual, one is required to understand the work that is expected. This can mean that they comprehend their duties and carry them out.  In doing so, they exhibit loyalty to their word and their commitment to their employers to deliver what is requested of them. A person without this type of dignity could be judged as a person with no pride or self-respect. People face challenges every day, but personal responsibility is achieved when people remain loyal to their word and beliefs. When one is not loyal, he or she become a person of no character and ultimately an undignified self-image (Wyatt, 1990).

Finally, life challenges every level of success, in every task completed or institution in which one is involved. Success can’t be achieved without having the discipline to firmly commit to one’s goals. Moreover, if one is loyal to oneself, the individual can follow one’s dreams because his or her beliefs do not allow room to forget one’s goals.

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