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The family is the smallest unit in society but then it is considered the most important. This is because it determines the nature of society in which people will live. The family is often made up of the father, mother, and children. Traditionally, all members of a family have different roles, and that results in the smooth running of a family. While the roles might vary for different families, some are basic and apply to all families in the traditional setting.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

In the traditional families, the fathers played the roles of providers and final decision makers. The mothers, on the other hand, play the role of taking care of the homes and providing emotional support to all members (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2015). The fathers were required to find jobs and help the families get all the basic needs. The mothers mainly stayed at home and were in charge of ensuring that everything in the home was fine. I have had the pleasure of being raised in both a traditional and modern family setting. As a child, my mother used to stay at homes as my dad worked to provide for the family. However, when I joined school, my mother found a job and started contributing towards the family finances.

The roles of mothers and fathers have greatly changed in the past 10-20 years, and I had the pleasure of witnessing the same. My father was required to play a bigger role in taking care of us, and that included picking me from school when my mother was busy with work. In the modern family setting, I think that both parents should contribute towards taking care of the children. This involves giving them attention in special cases such as during school events and vacations. When it comes to taking care of the house chores, people can now hire maids to keep the house clean among other daily chores. The reason why both parents have to work today is that the rising cost of living. When both parents work, it becomes easier to provide for the family and even affording luxuries such as vacations. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Response 1
I would also like to add that even though the world is gearing towards achieving gender equality, some of the family roles cannot be changed. For instance, when children are born, it is important that they stay with their mothers. They usually bond with the mother’s easily especially since they can also access food at the same time. However, the fathers will also need to make appearances and become familiar with the children. One could argue that the bringing up of a child can be done in phases, but then the mothers will always spend more time. It would be harder to determine the future roles of the parents as families are now taking different models. The important thing would be that all members play their role and contribute towards making the work of the others members easier.

Response 2
While people stress on the roles of the mothers and fathers, it would also be critical to look at the contribution of the children in the family. The children provide the families with a reason to stick together. I would state that families that have children tend to be happier and engage in more activities as compared to the ones without. The children should be obedient to the parents and follow the rules. However, as they grow older, they should feel free to air their views as that would enable the parents to adapt to the current roles. The children should also take care of each other whenever the parents are not around. For instance, bullying is common in schools and children tend to be victims. It would be better is the children were able to help themselves in such situations. An example would be a big brother helping the small ones by offering protection. Therefore, this shows that all members of the family have different roles to play that supplement each other. That shows why the smallest unit of a society becomes self-reliant. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

American Academy of Pediatrics. (2015, November 21). Roles Within the Family.

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