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Multivitamin Supplements Essay Sample

The current market in multivitamins is saturated with various brands and formulations that is confusing for anybody. To make it easier for shoppers, manufacturers have come up with the idea to label their products according to targeted age group, the gender-specific needs that it addresses, and sometimes even having a brand tailored for groups of […]

Blood Pressure Points Essay Sample

Blood pressure refers to the pressure created by the circulating blood against blood vessels, mainly on the arteries, as it flows through our circulatory system after every heartbeat. This is expressed in systole – the contraction of heart muscles as it pumps oxygenated blood into the circulation, and diastole – the relaxation of heart muscles […]

Low Wages and Long Working Hours Essay Sample

The issue of most workers who work for long hours getting low wages is common in several countries and is being contributed by several factors. First, the weakened bargaining power of most workers has largely contributed to the trend. In most cases, workers with weak bargaining power usually find it hard to push for an […]

Bias in the News Essay Sample

The article “Stronger Labor Unions Could Do a Lot of Good” by Noah Smith discusses the important role that labor unions in the US can play in strengthening workers’ bargaining power. While the article discusses the topic in detail, some statements that appear biased. The paper will identify these statements and justify why they are […]

Association of Prolonged Internet Use on the Mental Health and Addiction of Youngsters Essay Sample

Impact of The Internet             The rise of the internet in the 20th century immensely revolutionized the world. The internet caused long-term hit that becomes intense for the passing years. Affordable cellphones, computer, and laptops have transformed the globe into a technological universe. Communication through the internet has made life more comfortable. Millennials cannot survive […]

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