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Nursing is a profession that is tasked with the protection, promotion, and optimization of health. According to the American Nurses Association (2008), nurses are essential in the elevation of better health in the treatment of individuals and communities at large. Quality nursing care requires that a nurse, whether surgical or caring, is well taken care of to give maximum care.  Peer-reviewed education, as well as other social aspects affecting nurses, are an essential component for providing quality care at the workplace. Considering this, professional organizations are quite relevant.

The American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA) was created with the vision of providing information, education, and networking opportunities to strengthen the role of nurses. As stated on their website, ANIA was formed in 1982 “as the Capital Area Roundtable on Informatics in Nursing (CARING) (American Nursing Informatics Association, 2016, para. 5).” CARING, on the other hand, was formulated by nurses in the same year to help them advance exponentially in the advent of technology (ANIA, 2016). It was organized by nurses as a nonprofit to help them gain information and further assist them to automate care systems to improve healthcare services. Currently, ANIA is the integrated ANIA and CARING of 1982. They merged in 2010 to give nurses a better avenue of representation (ANIA, 2016). ANIA has changed how nurses interact with information over the years. Nurses, as well as other healthcare professionals, are represented in ANIA to provide them with information in research, education, implementation of new policies, and quality service improvement.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

ANIA’s mission statement is to “…advance nursing informatics through education, research and practice in all roles and settings” (ANIA, 2016, para. 3). ANIA hopes to be the organization of choice to help nurses advance in informatics. The professional body has given nurses a chance to identify practices that might be of help in enabling them to provide better quality services. Through research, ANIA provides healthcare professionals with much-needed information to assist them in practicing better healthcare that is both cost effective and healing in the long run (ANIA, 2016). ANIA has developed good networking practices not only in the nursing community but also in the wider healthcare sector. The move has been facilitated through their professional development measures that seek to make the health care system a community of people who learn together, save the world together, and also share memories together by creating practices that support better health care (ANIA, 2016). Nurses provide care that enables other professional such as doctors to have a seamless time diagnosing issues. In order to keep a health center functioning rightly, information shared by ANIA can be essential in coming up with practices that ensure nurses’ right are well articulated to ensure that they are well, hence providing quality care to their patients. Professional organizations such as ANIA are formulated to assist professionals to come up with better ways to deal with eminent issues. Such bodies are important as they ensure better healthcare.

Markova, Ford, Dickson, and Bohn (2013) write that professional organizations assist nurses to network and enhance personal and vocational development. ANIA helps health workers with networking opportunities which assist professionals to broaden their knowledge through informatics (ANIA, 2016). ANIA also offers a plethora of seminars and lectures to help individuals in the field keep themselves abreast with new trends in healthcare as well as innovative approaches to deal with healthcare. Information is power, and as such, ANIA equips nurses and other healthcare professionals with information that keeps them on their toes. These organizations allow one to be motivated and inspired for a long time thus making the overly boring service delivery profession to be more proactive (DeLeskey, 2003).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Staying current is not a matter of choice; it is a matter of urgency in the healthcare system. Professional organizations ensure you have the chance to network and progress in your career while still practicing good health care. Nursing associations nowadays have websites that can be easily explored. They offer information to anyone and also to board members to help them gain resources specifically addressed to them. Professional organizations like ANIA have contributed to the transformation of nursing and informatics, consequently creating a pool of wealth of information. Such groups are essential in everyday health care.

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