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Nursing Manager
For patients with billing concerns, I would direct them to the billing department of the hospital since they would be able to more accurately explain the different charges that were placed on this bill. A nursing manager can also forward the patient the different procedures that he was put through and their individual costs. By justifying the need for each process, a nursing manager can help to assuage the concerns of the patient and resolve the issue. Over the last 5 to 10 years, there has been a greater emphasis placed on transparency in operations and giving patients greater control over the types of procedures that they undergo. It used to be the case that a doctor’s word was “law”; however, these types of systems have been subtly eschewed for a structure that takes a patient’s choice into account (Lemetti, Stolt, Rickard, & Suhonen, 2015). When it comes to my values, I am an agent for the patient since it is my sworn duty to assist them in whatever way I can. While I do have to obey the rules of the hospital, I need to make sure that they adhere to what I believe are proper care practices. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

Reducing Costs
One of the areas that hospitals should take a look at when it comes to reducing the amount it spends is to look at its administrative expenses. For example, many present day hospitals continue to utilize paper records despite the cost of printing and the fact that they have to be stored in filing cabinets (Govindarajan & Ramamurti, 2013). By bringing in the hospital administrators and asking them where more efficient practices can be implemented, hospitals could determine numerous ways to save money. However, before I could offer any suggestions- I would need to know what are updated the hospital costs per department and determine whether one department has more costs than it should. When it comes to reducing costs, group decisions are an absolute necessity since multiple perspectives on a single issue can help to determine a potential solution that may have been overlooked by a single individual. Do note though that fiscal decisions do need value judgments since a hospital should save money but not at the cost of their patient’s health (ex: reusing surgical gloves).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

10-year Career Plan
My current career plan focuses on me staying in a general nursing practice position until I get at least two more years of experience. Once I reach this milestone, I will concentrate on furthering my education by taking up an advanced course in either dialysis or anesthetics. After getting my degree and spending another two years gaining more experience, I may consider settling down and starting a family, but I will still continue with my nursing career. My end goal is to become a nurse administrator in a hospital near my home so that I can combine both my career and my responsibility of raising a family. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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