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Module 4: Industrial
Question 4.1: Moving from a coastal society to an internal one, discuss these new inventions that industrial designers had to work with.

Industrial designers had many new inventions with which to work. For example, electricity was a major change to the number of creations that these designers could make. The light bulb seemed like something that was not possible, but it would turn out to change the world, and the world of design. The light bulb means there can be new functionalities in the objects that are being designed. It also did away with many former designs that would accommodate non-electrical forms of light. There was no longer the need for as many lanterns, for example. And the invention of the light bulb created a market for light fixtures, for example. But the light bulb itself would not have been possible if not for electricity, which created a massive number of possibilities of designs that are still being invented today. Electricity has facilitated the design of everything from refrigerators to iPhones, and the list is only getting longer.

Question 4.2: Compare the Beecher sisters to Martha Stewart.

I would argue that at least one of the Beecher sisters is much more intelligent than Martha Stewart. Stewart does not come across to me as being very intelligent, though I do not know here myself. However, she is probably a millionaire, yet she went to prison for fraudulent dealings on the stock market. On the other hand Harriet Beecher wrote the book Uncle Tom’s Cabinwhich many credit as being the trigger that started the American Civil War. Beecher’s book is one of the most famous of all time, and is certainly ahead of its time. Uncle Tom’s Cabin denounced slavery by calling it inhumane. This book was a great service to society, and I would argue that it is much more significant that any contribution Stewart has made, or the contributions of nearly anyone else, for that matter.

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