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At Grubz, management aims to provide customers with the best selection of the most homely and fast foods for a remarkable price. We don’t believe in skewering our customers for all their money, but we will put our delicious food on a skewer, if you prefer. Clean, honest, hardworking people need clean, honest food with the hardworking staff to serve it to them, and this is what Grubz is all about.

Goal Statement

1. Employees:
Grubz aims to provide a working environment that is flexible, while maintaining the company’s mission to provide outstanding service.
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2. Customers:
The customers at Grubz will be offered a menu that appeals to their desires and keeps them coming back for more, at a reasonable price.

3. Suppliers:
Management holds our suppliers in high regard. We understand the importance of having a consistent supplier for a consistent product and we hope to build a lasting relationship with all of our suppliers.

4. Community:
Grubz aims to be a part of the community to help promote the environment in which its people live. We will offer a bursary to an employee who is a graduating high school student in the amount of $500 each year.

5. Fellow Businesses
Grubz will be a contributing playing to the business community by ensuring parking is provided on-site to customers and that all litter is managed accordingly.

6. Environment
The environment is not only an important part of everyone’s lifestyle, it’s also a wise business decision to take care of it. Without the Earth, Grubz would go out of business.
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