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Metaphysics is a branch of Philosophy that deals with the nature of reality. Unlike other types of physics that have to be studied in the laboratory, this branch of philosophy is based on studies. The choice of concerns in this branch of philosophy is based on the generality of its concerns. On the other hand, the other types of philosophy are based on the aprioricity of the involved methods. In metaphysics, the choice of learning is usually based on generality and not aspects of reality (Fine, 2012). [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Metaphysical Naturalism refers to the worldview that sees the world as full of natural elements, relations, and principles studied by the natural sciences. These refer to the elements that are required for people to understand the physical environment (Reynolds, 2016). As explained in the definition, the physical environment is key in Metaphysical Naturalism. One of the aspects of Metaphysical Naturalism that I disagree with is the fact that it only relies on studies. For instance, the suggestion that elements of the natural environment can be studied without involving lab work makes little sense.  Even the principles of natural sciences involve several scientific elements, and that makes the properties of this field not logical. An example of such a concept is that when humans accept the theory of evolution, then they become no better than animals. Despite this, humans use science to show how they are superior to all animals.

Therefore, I think that metaphysics remain unique from the other branches of philosophy, but then it still relies on some scientific aspects to understand its studies. This makes it valuable since all persons can easily understand it.

Response 1
I find your piece of writing interesting. In addition, I also feel that Metaphysics plays a significant role in the modern world. People learn new things every day, and that makes it important in both history and the modern world. By focusing on the natural environment, this branch of philosophy will always stay relevant even in the future. All people easily find themselves involved in this branch of philosophy even when they are not aware. This shows why it becomes considered a unique branch of philosophy unlike the other branches that people have always known, and this shows the importance of this subject to this unit.
Response 2
I would also like to add that Metaphysics covers a wider perspective than initially explained. While many studies show that it fully relies on studies, I also think that laboratory work forms a vital part of these studies. After all, it would make little sense for people to claim they can simply learn different things without considering the science aspect of the same. For instance, the evolution theory relies on scientific aspects such as analysis of fossils among other objects. This makes it vital that Metaphysics appreciates the contribution of the other branches of philosophy to giving its elements and principles meaning. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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