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“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” This adage holds a significant place in my heart. As I child, I watched my parents work relentlessly to provide us with all the things we needed. At the time, I was too innocent to realize the sacrifices that they were making on our behalf. However, my siblings and I have never suffered privation courtesy of our parents. Despite the fact that we had moved to the US from a very poor country, my parents did not let the situation blur their drive. They both pursued formal careers. My mother worked as a nursing aide while my father found a career in mechanical work.


Later on in life, my parents went through an excruciatingly bitter divorce. This was extremely tough on my siblings and I. Before the divorce, the two had engaged in constant fights. Even though these fights took a toll on my young mind, I did not let them interfere with my learning activities. Before and through the entire episode, I maintained a perfect school attendance schedule and excelled in my studies. My stoicism has been reinforced since. Even though I have been the subject of more than one impending circumstance, I do not let these corrupt my dreams. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

When my parents divorced, I was left in the care of my mother. To provide for us, my mother had to move constantly from one region to another seeking employment. We first had to move from the one-bedroom flat that we shared with my aunt and her children. From the apartment, we relocated to Decatur Georgia. In Georgia, we moved from one neighborhood to the next in search of living quarters that suited our financial circumstance. We then relocated to Jacksonville, Florida and lastly headed back to South Florida after a duration of two years. The constant relocation has had a positive influence on my character. I have had to integrate friendliness as well as the adaptability trait. I am open and social as a result of the happenstance. This enables me to make friends with ease. Adaptability has enabled me to be more responsive to my environment. I am more willing to listen and engage other people’s points of view. This is especially important in the social work practice given that we will have to engage people in different settings and social classes.     < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

My decision to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work stems from the background I had as an undergraduate student. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health. While pursuing this degree, I was exposed to many social and environmental issues. My knowledge of the factors that influence human lives was reinforced. Essentially, I was able to determine the impediments to the family unit and social fabric. Poor families face great challenges in the social hierarchy. My family was a victim of such impediments. Even though we never had to suffer from hunger, I later came to realize that we were mainly sustained through social government operations. Likewise, given that my mother was without a healthcare insurance plan since she could not afford one, I was not allowed frequent visits to the doctor. Given our penurious circumstances, I visited the doctor only when I was extremely ill and would not return for a follow-up. Through social work, I hope to mitigate such occurrences in the society. The Public Health degree has made more sympathetic to the challenges that people face.

My pursuit of a Master’s in Social Work is inspired by the inclinations to help mitigate the stresses that individuals in society contend with. As a future social work, I intend to educate, motivate and positively influence the decisions made by those I will be serving. I will reinforce the need for people to develop goals and pursue them relentlessly. Essentially, when people have a goal they develop a sense of purpose. In the fall of 2014, I volunteered at the Florida Hospital in the ER unit. I was tasked with the duty of distributing flowers to the patients who had been admitted to the hospital. I provided emotional support to the admitted patients. Most shared their stories and through this, I was able to comfort them through the duration of their illnesses. It was my role to ensure that these patients felt appreciated and loved. This empowered them to strive for better health.

Alternatively, in the spring of 2016, I volunteered as a mentor at Bowers-Whitley Community Center, a high school in Tampa. The girl I was tasked to mentor were on the verge of dropping out of school. It was my duty to ensure that these girls were extended the necessary support to ensure that they did not drop out of school. Some of the ladies I offered emotional support to in the institution were as old as 23 years old. Through conversing and deliberation, I was able to enhance the students’ self-esteem which was an important segment of their entire developmental processes. In the summer of 2016, I volunteered at the metropolitan ministries as an attendant in the kitchen. I was tasked with the duty of serving meals. This experience reinforced my ability to communicate effectively with people as well as the need for courtesy in daily engagements. Through all these initiatives, it has been my desire to extend the personal support that people require to overcome challenges. A Master’s degree in Social Work allows me to further pursue these desires.

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