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Scott Burton
Scott Burton is a motivational speaker, an endurance athlete and a corporate entertainer. He lives in Winnipeg. He is not your everyday-speaker, he is hilariously funny, an important skill in order to keep the attention of the 17-21 years learners entertained. Apart from just entertaining, he has a rich experience in athleticism and solid business experience. A lot of the learners want someone who does not only possess the theory, but also the experience in the field. A good number of the students want to become entrepreneurs and they can learn a lot from Crystal, Burton’s wife who is a successful entrepreneur in her own right. In his past speeches, Burton has tended to speak on the need to design your life around your passions and values. This will encourage students to pursue career choices that reflect their lifelong interests and passions.

Lana Asuchak
Lana Asuchak is a fitness consultant and the owner of LA Interactive. She is a resident of Calgary, Alberta. Lana has a Masters of Arts degree in exercise psychology and a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education among other certifications in the fitness industry. She is a part-time sessional instructor at Mount Royal University and is a proven articulate speaker on issues relating to fitness, health and stress. We need our new learners to inculcate in themselves the importance of healthy lifestyles and learn various ways of dealing with stress. She will be able to encourage the students to adopt healthy lifestyle choices and develop the abilities to reduce stress while competing. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Val Carter
Val Carter is a resident of Calgary. Her knowledge is sourced from the real world. She’s been into many ventures, failed in some and learned from them. Her objective has been to share these experiences and especially on issues relating to how to deal with people from her experience in Human Resources Management in 20 years. She aims at helping others avoid similar mistakes as hers that she made along the way. Carter is a professional speaker, especially in matters of time management. The students would learn a lot because time management will be an essential skill that they will have to master. Moreover, her collaborative and relaxed approach will engage the students in her sessions.

Dan Comiskey
Comiskey is a professional Football player. In his 12-year career in the Canadian Football League, he came across over 40 professional coaches, most of them behavior change specialists. In the process, Dan became knowledgeable in the fundamentals of habit change. Our students are coming from different backgrounds and to belong to a new culture, they will have to undergo a fundamental change in their habits. For example, while the majority of the students are used to almost constant parental supervision at home, they are entering into a new environment characterized by freedom but with greater responsibility. His address will come in handy in reinforcing the need for strict time management skills in order to get the best out of this institution.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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Paula Goebel
Goebel is a popular corporate trainer and a professional speaker. She strongly believes that learning should be fun, creative and informative. Her areas of specialization include time management, business communications and personal growth. Her delivery style is engaging. She attained her Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1987 from the University of Alberta and hence, many students will relate to her on a personal basis. Her knowledge and experience in time management and personal growth is something that the students will gain a lot from. Entering into an environment characterized by absence of parental supervision, the students will have to develop time management skills in order to find time for studies and personal growth too. She is a resident of Edmonton.

Lionel Laroche
Laroche is an internationally recognized expert in cross-cultural training and a resident of Calgary. He is humorous too, and can speak in both English and French. Over the last 16 years or so, he has been instrumental in helping organizations and professionals reap the benefits of the cultural differences in their organizations. His deliveries are entertaining, informative and thought provocative. His speech would greatly help the students to best tap into the cross-cultural realities of this learning institution. Moreover, Laroche’s season might not only help the students, but also the teaching faculty too. His experience will be useful to the teachers too, as they now deal with and manage an increasingly multi-cultural student population.

Colin MacLean 
A resident of Edmonton, Colin is one of the region’s best distinguished and known radio and television broadcasters. Colin is an outstanding art critic, journalist and a movie reviewer and a figure that many students would wish to emulate. In his long career with CBS, he has interviewed many politicians and celebrities and is himself considered a celebrity. This aspect of Colin will especially be attractive to our young learners and will appeal to those intending to pursue careers in television and radio broadcasting. He is outspoken and warm on top of being an articulate presenter. His knowledge of current affairs and broadcast business will find a wide audience among students in business course as well.

Dr. James Makokis
A resident of Northern Alberta and a proud Cree, James is an ideal candidate to speak to young learners. He has attained great heights in formal education and has attained all of them while having memorable adventures along the way. Like most gay people, he has weathered many stigmas associated with being gay. He is an articulate speaker in overcoming adversity, bullying, health, nutrition and indigenous medicine. His presentations would be a demonstration to the young learners the accommodating spirit of the institution and ways of overcoming adversity and stigmatization. This is especially important for our gay student population. Being a practicing Doctor, he is a busy man both in his career and speaking and needs to be contacted t least three months in advance in order to adequately prepare.


Garth Roberts
Garth Robert comes from Calgary, Alberta. He is an expert in team building and building team morale. He often prefers to make individuals focus on themselves and recognize their shortcomings in what he prefers to call “introducing you to you.” Roberts’s presentation will impact greatly on students’ everyday life because learning is based on groups and teams. With his viewpoint on communication, his insights will greatly help learners to get the best out of teams and groups. His address may also be important to teachers who may be interested in the best manner to get the best out of teams.

Murray Smith
Smith is an expert in matters relating to International Relations and has specialized in US-Canada Relations, good governance, order and peace. He has given presentations on the regions oil sands and the energy sector in general in Beijing, London, Geneva and North America. He was the first official Alberta Province representative to the US. His authority in the subject of global relations will provide an important insight into students pursuing courses in the earth energy sector, governance, diplomacy and International relations among others. His presentation will give the learners the important global outlook that the institution has been encouraging in ushering the learners to the global economy.

Patrick Tower
Tower is a nationally recognized and highly decorated combat veteran and a resident of Calgary. He had over 15 years of continuous, training, education, and operational experience with the Canadian Forces. He is an expert in tactical leadership and command. He is an inspiring and powerful presenter. He was the first person to receive the Star of military Valor for bravery in battle. He would especially be important in inspiring the young learners who are interested in a career in the military. His ability to inspire and passionately motivate often speaks louder than his words, making him a natural leader. He should be able to inspire young men and women aiming for military careers.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Ruben Nelson
An Alberta resident, Nelson is an international presenter in matters relating to future research. He is a professional futurist. He has especially spent time in studying how the world and ourselves are changing. Being a provocative thinker and presenter, Nelson is one of the best people to interact with the inductees because of his ability to provoke them and force them to think “outside the box.” The students would be encouraged to develop the art of asking questions, an important art in learning.

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