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Question 1
In your mind, is it ever okay to pad your resume, using language or including information that intentionally misleads the reader, in order to get an interview?

No. It is never a good idea to pad your resume. There are many consequences to having a padded resume, and it is always the best idea to have a good public image, particularly when you are looking for work in a specific industry. Padding the resume is an unethical practice that can have serious consequences.

Is it permissible to embellish your experiences or qualifications?

It is not permissible to embellish your experiences or qualifications. This is extremely unprofessional, and anyone who does it isn’t likely to get anywhere in their business. Resumes need to be honest and professional in order to be respected in the industry.
What might be the possible consequences of a padded resume?

The most major consequence of a padded resume is the appearance that you won’t convey. If you are caught padding your resume, anyone who knows about it won’t want to work with you. They won’t trust you, and so you want be able to secure the position that you are looking for. Many people could quickly become informed about the fact that you padded your resume.

Do they outweigh perceived potential benefits?

Yes, I believe the risks outweigh the benefits. People should be as honest as possible on a resume because if it does become known that you have lied on your resume, it can do far more damage than the good it would do if you weren’t caught. It is possible that lying could lead to a job, but that job won’t likely last forever, but the damage that could be done by lying on your resume could last a lot longer.

Have you ever known someone who padded his or her resume? What happened?

I have never known someone to pad their resume, but I have known people to make a big deal out of things that aren’t a big deal. For example, a person I know applied to be a writer for a newspaper. However, she had only experience with online writer. Even though she just posted blogs and similar type of writing online, she said that she was a journalist of 2 years. To me, this is a form of padding the resume, because she had not journalism experience, just blogging experience.

Question 2
Resume or CV? Discuss the differences between a resume and a CV? In your own words, describe those differences here.

The CV is more common than the basic resume in many cultures and industries. The basic difference is that a CV provides for multiple pages, due to its format. Resumes, however, only allow for one page.

When might you use each document in your own career? 

I would use a CV in my career if I was going to showcase my work that has been published in the media. This would only be necessary if my list of credentials was so long that it took up more than one page. I probably wouldn’t have enough information that I need to put on my resume as an artist right away, so I would wait until I accumulated enough accomplishments before I submit a CV when applying for a job.

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