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Question 1

For many years, mother nature has demonstrated several plausible events that could mark the end of the world. Some of these events include (but are not limited to) earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods. Many scientists generally don’t think that mother nature can precipitate a global catastrophe. However, many people can perish from these events. Historically, natural events such as earthquakes are attributed to many deaths. In China, for example, more than 800,000 people perished in 1956 following a deadly earthquake that occurred in the central parts of the country. At some point in the future, when history repeats itself, mother nature could be the end of the world.

  • Over the years, I have learned that natural events cannot be easily mitigated. In most cases, they are unanticipated. This means that, at any time, natural events such as earthquakes, floods, and volcanoes will hit the globe when we least expected. 

Question 2

  • For the universe, age is very important. According to scientists, the universe happens to be more than 13 billion old. It is also estimated that the universe will continue to exist for 5 billion more years This is the period when the sun is also estimated to die. According to the eternal inflation theory, the universe is also part of the multi-universe which consists of numerous other universes. Various techniques such as geometric cutoffs have been used to estimate the age of the universe and eternal inflation. As tools, therefore, such techniques are expected to leave an imprint such as the eternal inflation and hence the end time such an event is expected to happen.
  • – The age of the universe is known. It is estimated to be around 13 billion years.
  • The end time might also happen.
  • Can there be life in other places within the universe?
  • will the universe come to an end after the estimated 5 billion years from now?

Question 3

The world was noted to end in 2012. The “Maya 2012” doomsday may have been contributed for several reasons. The first argument behind Maya 2012 was founded on scientific it was noted that a planet was headed towards earth and a collision would have meant the end of the world. Based on this scientific standpoint, most people held the belief that the world will come to an end owing to the numerous milestones that scientists have made leading us to where we are today. For most people (especially those whole love and practice science), it was easy to hold on to such a phenomenon. 

In many ways, science has boosted the life of humans here on earth. The Maya 2012 was just a theory put forward by a group of individuals. Based on the fact that many scientific theories are well-established, it is easy to hold on to more theories in the future. For example, everyone believes that the earth’s orbit around the sun and no new evidence appears to prove otherwise. Since science is not the only way of knowing and discovering things, there happens to be an intersection between science and religion. For science, however, theories and facts have to be supported with evidence mostly obtained from world exploration activities. On the other hand, religion and faith are based on supernatural forces and entities meaning that it is not based on empirical shreds of evidence. 


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