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Question 1
Is geometry created or discovered?

Geometry is discovered. This is made obvious because spheres such as planets, stars, suns and grains of sand have existed before people existed, no matter what a person’s spiritual beliefs are. From the appearance of things, and from scientific proof, the universe is older than human existence. The Greek geometry figures are among the oldest recorded evidence of humans using geometry.

Questions 2A.
Based on the introduction of Sacred Geometry Philosophy & Practice, how do geometry and science interact?

Geometry is linked to arithmetic, music and astrology/astronomy. Geometry actually links all of these areas of study. Sacred geometry is the study of each of the forms and shapes of these topics that are pervaded by the unseen and seen universe. Geometry gives it structure and purpose in an infinite number of expressions. Essentially, geometry is the presentation of numbers for the eye to see, and it is done in a measured and ordered space. It does so in an organized, conscious, logical and organic way.

Questions 2B.
Do you agree with Lawlor’s evaluation of our sensory organs? If so, why do you agree? If not, explain your argument.

I tend to believe that geometry can be understood by study, rather than by having to tune into the universe, as he suggested when citing Plato and Pythagoras. Lawlor also states that there could be an “abstraction” of thought that is needed to see geometry as form and structure, as well as the study of ratios. However, I think it can be shown clearly to people who understand how to interpret the numbers. I do agree with his point that our sensory organs need to relate geometry to harmonies and relationships, such as a sensory manifestation like colour or music.

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