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1. Context: the team and the situation are described clearly to facilitate the reader’s ease of understanding.

When I was a teenager, I was on a soccer team that was not very organized. Only a couple people came to practice, and this didn’t allow for us to have any scrimmages. Many times, the location and the time of practices changed, and no one seemed to know when or where they were. The lack of people attending practice meant that many people on the team got out of shape. Even those who attended practices wanted to leave early, because there were not very many activities that the people who attended could participate in. For example, the team could not have scrimmages to help improve overall ball-handling skills. And a lack of practiced game intensity meant that there was little opportunity to be prepared prior to game day. This also meant that the team didn’t have an understanding about how to play together. Furthermore, the individuals on the team did not feel obligated to show up to the games. That meant the team was not prepared and lost every game that season.

2. Analysis: the report shows logic and objectivity in stating what was ineffective and why.

The main issue that was creating this lack of interest in the team practices was the lack of leadership. The coach was not taking responsibility for organizing the practices. He should have phoned everyone on the team to tell them about where the practices would be held. Alternatively, he could have ensured that the practices were held at the same location and at the same time every week. This would have ensured that the team would have been able to practice together and it would have likely improved the team’s performance when it came time to play. Furthermore, the coach needed to show some leadership by also attending the practices. Often, there were two people at the practices, and none of them was the coach. Furthermore, practices were sometimes held indoors. During these times, the coach allowed the team to play basketball, rather than practice soccer.

3. Application: the report indicates, in detail, what could be done to achieve team cohesion and effectiveness. List recommendations of “how” to implement these successfully for this dysfunctional team.

Team cohesion and effectiveness could have been achieved by improving the relations, which would be termed “labour relations” in a business setting. This would include improving the rapport with the team, which would be practicing when needed. If there is a good rapport with the team, then the team would be more likely to try harder, and show up when they are needed. Another area that could help achieve team cohesion and effectiveness is the training. Just like in teams of employees, teams of athletes need to have the appropriate training to perform well when it comes time to complete their task.  Without proper training, the team will fail to perform, such is what happened with the soccer team that I played for. When the employees are properly trained, they develop the necessary skills to execute when the time is right. Performance management is another important area to focus on. When it was shown that the soccer team was unable to win, there should have been stricter practices put in place to improve each team member’s performance.

4. Summary: Describe how these recommendations can serve any team situation.

These recommendations can serve any team situation because it doesn’t matter what kind of team you are on, you will always need strong labour relations, training and performance management. These are often completed in that same order. Those recommendations are the beginning middle and end to being successful on any team. No matter whether you are player for a soccer team that never wins, or working at a job where staff continues to underperform, these guidelines will improve the quality of output.

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