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Should we continue to rely on fossil fuels for energy? Why or why not?
I don’t think we should continue to rely on fossil fuels for energy, because they are harmful to the environment. Furthermore, there are alternative forms of energy that can sustain life as we know it.  Admittedly, much of the technology that could replace fossil fuels haven’t developed to the point where they are capable of supporting the mobile requirements of the planet. However, governments should give more subsidies for the development of electric vehicles, for example.

Many governments are now behind the idea of cutting off the massive pipelines expansion of companies such as TransCanada Corp., which is attempting to execute plans to carry oil from the Alberta oil sands to Louisiana and Texas, (Jones, 2013). However, President Barack Obama has said that he would only allow the pipeline to be installed if it was shown that the project wouldn’t have a negative environmental affect. This shows that fossil fuels are indeed a concern, and we should tread very carefully when deciding whether or not to use the fuel. ExxonMobil is the largest publicly traded company by market capitalization, and it has been the target of various environmental groups for what they believe to be damaging effects of the company’s operations on the environment. The Political Economy Research Institute state ExxonMobil is the United States’ sixth-largest contributor to greenhouse gases. With so much evidence being compiled about the damaging effects these companies are having on the environment, we need to take a serious look at developing greener forms of energy.

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