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Formal Instruction of Grammar in School Enlightens a Good Writer

Formal Instruction of Grammar in School Enlightens a Good Writer

Prompt: Argue whether formal instruction of grammar in school is helpful and enlightening for someone who wants to become a good writer.

            Good grammar is important to credible writing. To become a good writer, the person must have a strong grasp of the English language. Learning grammar improves the communication skills of the writer and helps them convey a clear message to the audience. Without formal instruction, the writer will not develop the skills to properly formulate and express ideas. Gifted writers understand the mechanics of grammar and the elements of writing. Formal instruction of grammar in school is helpful and enlightening for someone who wants to become a good writer.

            English is an important subject for any student. According to Morris & Maxey, a strong grasp of grammar is important to every industry (178). English is the dominant language in most industries. In the article, Genc and Bada examine how academic writing influences language. Academic writing involves the use of good grammar skills along with other forms of writing. Whether the writer is creating an essay or writing an article for a journal, they must master grammar. Poor grammar skills will prevent the audience from gaining a clear understanding of the topic.

            Daffern, Mackenzie, and Hemmings argue grammar is important to “creativity, meaning-making, and sharing ideas” (819). When a writer does not have a good grasp of grammar skills, they can produce poor results. Daffern et al., is right about the importance of grammar on writing composition, but the authors seem more dubious when they claimed writing assessments may not be an effective tool for measuring the writer’s ability (819). Even though writing is a necessary skill for all students, it can also be effective in the development of good writers.

            Grammar plays an important role in good writing. Zhang reminds us “grammar is defined as the proper, structure, and meaning system of a language” (184). To develop strong communication capabilities, the writer must be well versed in the mechanics of grammar. Grammar guides appropriate communication to assist in meeting writing goals (Zhang 184). Understanding grammar can be difficult especially in the English language. Acquiring grammar skill requires formal instruction (Zhang 185). The process is complex, so it must be taught to students to support better writing skills.

            In Zhang’s view, students cannot grasp the complexities of grammar without formal instruction. Grammar is an important part of language acquisition (Zhang 185). Linguistic competence is another essential aspect of good grammar. To properly write or speak a language, the learner must understand how sentences are structured and how to convey proper meaning (Morris & Maxey 178). Achieving accuracy in writing requires highly motivated leaners (Zhang 185). Learning the different grammatical distinctions will guide the writer in creating an eloquent piece.          

            Praise and Meenakshi find understanding grammar and spelling are key ingredients for good writing. When writers understand grammar, they can write more fluently, and they will make fewer mistakes. To communicate clear ideas and alert the reader to the main points of the writing, writers must become enlightened on the importance of applying good grammar. In the past, writers published books and articles in print, but this is no longer the case. The internet has opened the doors to new forms of writing. Many articles do not follow the formal structure of grammar making them difficult to read (Praise and Meenakshi 97). Writers with a good grasp of grammar will have greater success in the industry.

            Not everyone believes becoming a writer requires good grammar. Although Sobieck does not say so directly, he apparently assumes grammar is no longer needed when writing. The author claims people learn universal grammar when they learn a language (Sobieck para. 2). Formal instruction is necessary to learn grammar, but writers who rely strictly on grammar do not display creatively in their work. grammatical fumbles do not negatively impact the quality of the work (Sobieck para. 3). Perfect grammar is not important to becoming a good writer. Sobieck himself writes, a writer with talent is far more important.

            Zhang explains why grammar is important to good writing (186). Even though some people believe it can cause writing to become stilted and formal, grammar is essential to a well-written piece. Zhang reports when students do not have formal grammar instruction, they are not equipped to become good writers. Every professional requires good writing skills. Without good writing skills, they cannot explain their unique perspective. The rules of grammar are not a waste of time, but an essential skill for every professional especially someone who wants a job as a writer.

            Formal instruction of grammar in school is helpful and enlightening for someone who wants to become a good writer. When students are not taught proper grammar, they will not have the skill or knowledge to write a good piece. Grammar is a key ingredient for good writing. Critics of grammar find it can make writing too formal. This is not the case. Understanding the proper mechanics of writing leads to an author providing well-written pieces. When writers understand grammar, their work is more fluent and the message is communicated more clearly to the audience.

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