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Experts in Securing Canadian Residence and Citizenship

If you want to know whether you qualify for Canadian residence or citizenship, First Choice Immigration can help.


With more than 400 applications successfully approved, First Choice Immigration is proud to be a trusted advisor to companies, organizations, and individuals in the Vancouver area on all matters relating to Canadian immigration and citizenship.


Headed by Ajay Sehgal, First Choice Immigration has been advising clients on immigration and citizenship matters for more than eight years. Based in Burnaby, British Columbia, Ajay Sehgal is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant and a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Ajay Sehgal says: “I take great pride in honest and ethical work when it comes to helping foreign workers seeking temporary or permanent residency in Canada.”


First Choice Immigration has comprehensive expertise in immigration law, successful strategies for residency approvals, and a robust background in legal appeals and revocation. If your application has been refused, you have the right of appeal if you believe that you or your sponsors have been treated unfairly. We can represent you, whether you are dealing with:

* The Federal Court

* Service Canada

* Canada Border Services

* The Immigration & Refugee Board

* Citizenship and Immigration Canada


First Choice Immigration can help people looking to work in Canada, or employers seeking to hire people, by securing the relevant work permits. We are pleased to serve many firms in this area, from sectors as diverse as hospitality, security, and manufacturing.


Securing temporary residence is best done with the help of First Choice Immigration, as we are likely to achieve better results than if you applied on your own. Ajay Sehgal says: “Reapplying for temporary residence after a refusal can be difficult. We know the best strategies, and the most compelling narratives to use, for success in achieving a temporary residence permit. Our success rate in getting it right first time speaks for itself as a testament to our abilities.”


Immigrants who have achieved the right of permanent residence can apply for Canadian citizenship with the advice and assistance of First Choice Immigration. At the end of this process, called naturalization, citizens have the advantage of being able to vote and permission to hold a Canadian passport. Ajay Sehgal says: “As we know the pitfalls in citizenship applications, we can speed up the processing of your application by making sure everything is in place to improve the chances of getting it accepted the first time.”

“If your application for citizenship has been rejected, we can bring our legal expertise to your case and submit an appeal to the Federal Court,” Ajay Sehgal added.


Contact Ajay Sehgal at First Choice Immigration for a confidential review of your circumstances, either by phone or in person at our office in Burnaby, British Columbia. We will then be able to advise you on your suitability for citizenship, the different options open to you, their costs, and their likelihood of success.


* Overcoming refusals

* Judicial Reviews

* Policy Knowledge

* Legal Expertise

* Eligibility Assessment

* Qualification Analysis

* Citizenship Rights

* Removal Order Appeals

* Admissibility Hearings

* Sponsorship Appeals

* Citizenship Appeals

* Citizenship Approvals

* Permanent Residence

* Residency Appeals

* Residency approvals

* Foreign Adoption

* Work Permits


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