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When I was a child of about 11 years old, I started to demonstrate the characteristics of someone who would one day go on to be a mover and a shaker in the business realm. At a time when many of my classmates were collecting sports cards and watching music videos on TV, I was holding down a newspaper route in my neighborhood. Over the course of my career, I have held numerous jobs, and I now find myself on the verge of possible admission to Royal Roads University where I plan to pursue my dream of earning an MBA. In order to demonstrate my suitability for admission into the program, I will answer four important questions.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

What influenced your decision to apply to Royal Roads University?
There are actually four separate reasons for my desiring to apply for an. First, the program is cohort based, which will allow me to establish a more meaningful connection with fellow students. Second, the program has a distance-learning model, which will provide me with the flexibility to study while I continue to work and to fulfill my other day-to-day responsibilities. Third, the program has churned out quality alumni, some of whom I know personally, and they have had tangible success post-graduation. Fourth, the program offers an MBA in Executive Management while most programs offer only a basic MBA. After completing the requirements for the advanced degree, I will be able to join the ranks of the certified management consultant and to obtain the credentials needed to effectively lead a business.

Why is this degree appropriate for you?
This degree is appropriate for me because it will allow me to accomplish two objectives in this mid-career stage of my life. For quite a few years, I have been working in the information technology industry — presently in the capacity of the support centre supervisor at the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. This has provided me with the opportunity to see many facets of business. Even so, I would like to go a step further by acquiring the business skills needed to take my career to the next level. With an MBA from Royal Roads University, I will be able to expand my expertise in Information Technology and to lay a foundation for success in the business world.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

What do you hope to contribute to this program and the university?
When it comes to earning an MBA at Royal Roads University, I am not only interested in receiving, I am also interested in giving. First, I have a lot of experience in service delivery, which will allow me to contribute in group projects. Second, I have plenty of leadership experience, which will give me the ability to lead as required on assignments. Third, I intend to be a goodwill ambassador, of sorts, post-graduation so that I can share my experiences at Royal Roads University to students who are thinking about enrolling. Whether it involves experience, leadership, or promotion, I will give back to the same extent that I expect to receive.

In five to 10 years, how do you anticipate this program will add value?
I can see how this program will add tremendous value over the next five to 10 years. Combining my skills and experience in Information Technology with the ability to manage executives will give me a firm foundation upon which I will be able to build a strong career. I also intend to start up my own consulting firm, which will allow me to become my own boss.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


I am definitely excited about the prospects of enrolling at Royal Roads University as I look forward to accomplishing my goals in the business environment. I already have plenty of experience in the workforce, but the MBA training will allow me to take things to the next level since I plan to branch out on my own to found a consulting company. I await your response and trust that you will find deem me worthy of a letter of acceptance.

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