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The relationship between man and God was that of respect since one was superior to the other. This is demonstrated by the requirement for man and woman to follow specific rules. The most important rule was that Adam and Eve were never to eat the forbidden fruit (Biblia, 2016). The only unfortunate thing is that people tend to show curiosity when they are forbidden from doing or using something. When the serpent convinces Eve to eat the fruit, it takes advantage of her curiosity. She later convinces Adam to eat the fruit, and that causes their expulsion from heaven.

This is a case of guilt as both Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. They are guilty because they failed to follow the one rule that God stressed was most important while in the garden. One could note that there are two cases of guilt in Genesis 3. The first involves both Adam and Eve feeling guilty that they have disobeyed God and eaten the forbidden fruit. This case of guilt is collective as they are viewed as one and both expelled from heaven. On the other hand, Eve also feels guilty that she was the one who convinced Adam to eat the fruit. This makes it her fault that they had the idea to eat the fruit in the first place. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In this story, the feeling of shame is only portrayed when they hide their nakedness from God after taking the forbidden fruit. This means that their guilt was the causative factor of the shame they later felt and chose to hide among the trees (Biblia, 2016). This means that both the cases of guilt and shame are seen in this chapter, but then one is greater than the other. The case of guilt haunts human beings to date. People see themselves as sinners in the eyes of God, and that demonstrates the admission of guilt. Therefore, guilt could be considered the main theme of this chapter with both Adam and Eve having their version of the experience.

Response 1
Even though guilt is the main theme in this objective in this chapter of Genesis, one should also consider the role played by shame. The fact that Adam admitted that the woman God gave him was responsible for making him eat the fruit shows shame. He is ashamed of the woman and even goes ahead to mention that God was responsible for her creation. Eve is also ashamed of herself for making Adam eat the fruit after knowing very well that it was forbidden. Therefore, both guilt and shame are evident in this chapter with Adam and Eve experiencing the same in different ways. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response 2
I also think that God feels ashamed of the three characters in this chapter. He is disappointed in the serpent, and to demonstrate this he curses it to walk on its belly with the woman bruising its head. In addition, he places all animals above the serpent, and this is seen when it has to eat dust for its entire life. Secondly, God is disappointed in Adam and subjects him to acquire food only by toiling the ground. He curses the ground to ensure that Adam has to work hard to achieve anything. When it comes to Eve, God states that childbearing will be multiplied.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

When looking at the modern world, all these things are evident. People always kills snakes on sight while the cases of snake bites equally rampant. This means that people can easily overlook the aspect of shame from God’s perspective. He mainly feels ashamed of the three characters as He considers them guilty of eating the fruit. Therefore, Guilt and Shame are equally related in this chapter but then the actions are mainly associated with guilt. The guilty nature of their actions causes the different feelings of shame.


Biblia. (2016). The Fall.

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