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Horizontal Violence is common in nursing. Various studies that have been conducted on the issue show that nurses experience horizontal violence at their workplace. According to the study carried out by Mahi (2013), nurses might experience horizontal violence by calling in sick when they are denied permission or exemption from work. Sometimes they are also denied such opportunities as taking a rest when sick. They are also overworked in some cases when there is a high work load. However, this can be addressed and the culture of the unit changed if the leadership in place embraces dynamism. The leaders should also possess transformational leadership characteristics and advocate the rights of the nurses (Laschinger, Grau, Finegan, & Wilk, 2010). As such, they would ensure that they are protected and shielded against abuse and overworking, as well as cases of horizontal violence at the workplace. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Research has shown that horizontal violence is a serious issue in nursing. One of its most critical results is that it makes some nurses to leave the profession (Eggerston, 2011). As such, it requires effective strategies that are capable of creating work environments that are safe and positive. Some of these include protecting and respecting the welfare of nurses, promoting respect among nurses, and establishing and sustaining a culture that promotes unity, peace, and growth (Becher & Visovsky, 2012). Failure to eliminate horizontal violence could lead to negligence of duties, increased bed and staff shortage due to resignation and some quitting. That would also increase the workload and failure to meet the emotional and educational needs of clients (Ditmer, 2010). As the charge nurse, I would promote a healthy organizational culture that ensures respect for each nurse to address horizontal violence. As a staff nurse, my responsibility is to respect the authority and exercise professionalism (Purpora, Blegen, & Stotts, 2012). That would minimize cases of horizontal violence at the workplace. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


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