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Gun Carry Laws

Question 1 
The results of my political party survey show that I am more liberal and democratic. Essentially, I am aligned towards the Democratic Party more than the Republican party.  I feel that the political survey findings clearly depict my political standing. I am indeed a supporter of the Democratic Party given that the party shares my sentiments on several policies. This political survey is indeed useful in increasing political knowledge and participation. This is because it encompasses the significant areas and ethos of different political parties.

From the survey, one can determine the policies that underlie different government, political, and institutional functions. Furthermore, it gives an insight into the metrics that different political factions engage in making decisions that affect the country. The survey reinforced my assertions on the issue of gun carry laws. I have always been aligned against the gun carry laws within the school settings. My view is a view that is shared by the philosophies of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is committed to ensuring that guns in the street are mitigated. The law that allows students to carry guns to school negates these inclinations.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Question 2
The US Constitution allows and protects the rights of arm bearers (Welch, 2016). The second amendment encourages to validly and legally acquire arms. However, the constitution prevails that these guns should only be used for protection purposes. It further creates several metrics that are employed in determining individuals who are eligible to be extended guns, and those that do not meet the criteria are barred from accessing the guns. Recently, the Texas legislative body passed on a bill, which allowed concealed handgun owners to carry their firearms openly. Therefore, it allows licensed students to carry their guns to school. Gun control comprises a controversial issue because it may influence the way individuals from different cultures and racial profiles engage each other. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

In the US, guns were mainly employed by security personnel to protect the citizens. With the ratification of laws that grants individuals the right to carry guns, it is projected that violence will be perpetrated in the society (Makalani, 2016). It is possible that the students in Texas could respond violently all the time to imagined threats. The ratification of policies that encourage the carrying of guns has the potential to exacerbate the already deplorable state of engagement between members from the minority groups and those from the majority group (Welch, 2016). Public opinion serves to influence the political decisions made by legislators concerning the gun carry laws.

The only viable solution in the gun control policy of Texas would be to do away with the laws that allow students to carry guns to school and to prevent the residents from carrying their guns openly. However, this does not match with the policy in Texas at current. Currently, students have been empowered to attend their classes with guns. This portends danger to other students who do not carry guns and to the professors in the learning institutions.

Question 3
The topic of gun carrying in Texas as it relates to students is a reflection of the prevailing debate in America. It is an extension of the current conflict between some members of the White race and some members of the Black race (Welch, 2016). Gun control laws in present times have the potential to increase or reduce violence in the society. In voting for candidates in the political institutions, I align myself to individuals who are against the easing of gun control laws. Therefore, I always vote for the Democratic Party that aligns with my philosophies. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]


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