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In the race to bring prices of clothing down, Canadian companies have decided to outsource their production to Bangladesh. This is due to the fact that labor costs are very cheap in Bangladesh as compared to the labor costs in Canada. However, what most Canadians do not know is where and the conditions in which their clothes are made. This is partly due the fact that most retailers hide this information from consumers and the fact that consumers are not willing to research and know where their clothes come from.

In order to bring prices down, retailers have forced garment factories in Bangladesh to ignore employee safety and this has seen thousands of people losing their lives. Most of these deaths have been attributed to factory fires and building collapses (“Made In Bangladesh – The Fifth Estate”). However, one issue that catches my attention is the fact that even after the Rana Plaza tragedy, Canadian companies that had their clothes being made in that factory were only concerned with the losses they had made and not the massive loss of human life. But despite the fact that most people have been losing their lives, making garments for overseas companies, none of the companies have taken that important step to see where their garments are made and work towards improving the working conditions of those employed in the garment factories. Another issue is in the rush to have products made and shipped on time has seen employee rights being violated. They are usually forced to work for longer hours and are also mistreated if they fail to meet the set deadlines (“Made In Bangladesh – The Fifth Estate”). Most of these companies usually take time to inspect the quality of goods produced but none has ever decided to inspect building safety and employee working conditions. Most of these garment factories also employ children as young as 10 years old. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Many consumers enjoy low prices of goods not knowing the extent which companies go to ensure they enjoy low prices. The documentary highlights just how these companies outsource their production to countries that are considered to have cheap labor. However, they do not care about the conditions of these workers despite the fact that they pay them low wages. They do not ensure their safety and also employ minors. Raising these issues is important for consumers, especially in Canada to know where their clothes come from, the conditions they are made in and what makes them cheap. This can help consumers make better purchasing decisions in the future and also help push these companies to take care of the safety of the employees working in the garment factories. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

I think that companies should not put profits and margins issues before those of employees who work hard daily to ensure they have products on their shelves for sale. Companies have an ethical obligation to go to the source of their products and find out if the conditions are favorable. Companies should have changed their tact in the wake of many accidents and be more stringent on the factories that produce their garments. They should not stop at just checking the quality of the clothes produced, but also check on the conditions those making the clothes are being subjected to. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here] As a consumer, I think sometimes it’s better to have an understanding of where our products come from and the conditions in which they are manufactured. It is also important to purchase goods from retailers who ensure they outsource ethically. For instance, in the documentary there are some companies that have been adversely mentioned and it’s always good to be ethical and stop purchasing from such retailers. If all consumers can act ethically, these companies will be forced to go to the countries where they outsource and ensure that employee safety issues are addressed.

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