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An Ode to the User Friendly Pencil by Bonnie Laing, , is a piece written to bolster the reputation of pencils, in the wake of the new age of computer superiority. Within the essay, Laing describes her experience in purchasing a new computer, and the myriad of troubles that she faces as a result of it. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay] In Laing’s thesis statement, she states that the pencil is superior to the computer in many ways, because not only does it save time, money, and stress, its power is also only limited to the creativity of its user. To support this argument, Laing draws upon her positive experiences with pencils, and contrasts them with her negative experience with computers, utilizing irony and humour to convey her points. The essay is argumentative and she uses literary and rhetorical devices, such as logos, ethos, pathos, imagery, allusion, and personification, to persuade the audience towards the pencil’s superiority. Throughout ‘An Ode to the User Friendly Pencil’, the author effectively conveys her thesis through the use of argumentative approaches and strategies, an ironic, sarcastic, and humorous tone, and well-implemented literary and rhetorical devices. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Throughout her essay, Laing utilizes the literary devices of imagery, allusion, and personification to help persuade her audience towards the superiority of the pencil. Throughout the essay, Laing often refers to the pencil and the computer as either friends or enemies, respectively. For instance, in her initial representation of the computer, she states that: “My therapist claims that acknowledging the superior partner in a destructive relationship is the first step towards recovery”. In contrast to this, when she brings up the pencil she states that: “And so, my computer experience has forced me to spend more time with my old friend, the pencil”. By representing the simple pencil as a close, intimate, and safe friend, she is able to connect with the audience to convince them that pencils are to be utilized and cherished. In contrast, in referring to the computer as something to be “exorcized” when it does not work as expected, she is attempting to bias the audience towards a negative point-of-view towards the device.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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