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There are several aspects of this essay that merit an examination in terms of their benefits and drawbacks to the overall work. For example, the fact that the author is able to invoke so many different individual authors for their work in the mystery genre shows that they have a large knowledge about the authors and their contributions to the genre. At the same time, the essay utilizes too many mentions of authors without providing them any context for the individuals who are reading the essay. The result is that the essay appears to be very unfocused and does not have a particular purpose. Another area of the essay that is weak and ineffective is the topic sentences. The topic sentences are supposed to have a purpose of directing a paragraph or introducing an idea that will be discussed throughout the rest of the paragraph.

The first paragraph opens with a hook in the form of a question, but quickly loses focus throughout the paragraph. The second paragraph begins by stating that individuals will be able to recognize some of the detectives in a mystery work because of their distinctive characteristics. While the author lists three specific detectives from mystery novels, the paragraph quick switches to Agatha Christie as the topic and focus of the remainder of the paragraph. Overall, it is not clear to the audience whether the essay is supposed to be discussing the mystery genre’s unique facets or how Agatha Christie is important to the genre. Neither aspect is discussed in enough detail to be considered thorough in this case. Therefore, the essay that is presented here can only be considered as misdirected and underdeveloped based upon the erratic invocation of topics that are not thoroughly explored. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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