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Question 1
How have other people throughout history used their body as a “canvas” for creating art (for example, tattoos, scarification, body paint, molds)?

The most common form of body art is tattoos, but there are many ways in which the body can be used as a canvas. Some people used their body for scarification, which is etching, burning, scratching or cutting designs, words or pictures into a person’s skin, and this art is permanent. Sometimes people do this because their skin is dark, and normal tattoos don’t present themselves as well on the surface of the skin. Also, during the scarification, endorphins can be released into the person’s brain and this can induce that person into a euphoric state. Also, some people do it for aesthetic preference, social reasons and for other purposes, such as religion.

How does this speak to the construction or perception of gender or beauty?
This speaks to gender and beauty because it shows that gender and beauty is not fixed, that it is instead something that can change with body art. Also, it depicts the various ways in which gender and beauty can be portrayed in various cultures. The work also allows people to question whether the gender identities are actually “natural,” or if we take on the gender roles that we are given.

Question 2
Are there similarities in the way in which our society plays with and uses dolls? Provide an example and explain.

There are absolutely similarities. For example, like other societies, we are concerned with procreation. The dolls in both our society and others uses the dolls as a way to prepare young children for the difficulty that may await them when they become parents, if they choose to do so. The dolls allow them to visualize their roles as adults.

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