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Is concern for the natural environment really an ethical issue? Why do you think so?

Absolutely, concern for the environment is an ethical issue. Ethics require entities to consider all that they effect. In the case of corporations, they often have a profound effect on the environment around them. It is ethical for the heads of these companies to consider the consequences on the environment that the company could have.

It would be extremely unethical for a company to not consider the environment. For example, if a pulp mill was pumping pollution into a nearby stream that flowed into a town’s drinking water, it would be unethical. Therefore, it becomes a priorities for companies to consider the natural environment when they are conducting their business.

Concern for the natural environment has become a greater issue in the last couple decades. That is because the damaging effects that corporations are having on the world are becoming much more noticeable. The damage is tangible, and it doesn’t take something as obvious as pollutants finding their way into drinking water for there to be a connection between the environmental effects and the effects on people. Now that there is a clear understanding of the ways in which people are affected by environmental degradation, environmental ethics need to be a greater concern to corporations. In the 1800s, during the Industrial Revolution, corporations weren’t as ethically obligated to look out for the environment, because the connection between air pollutants, for example, and people’s health wasn’t known. It has since become easy for companies to understand the damage of which they are capable, and this makes concern for the natural environment an ethical issue.

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