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Before offering some pastoral recommendations for one particular family in Embracing Aging, it is important to first consider the facts. Harry is almost 87 years old and, after being married to Helen Davis for close to 60 years, is now a widower. Rande Davis Gedaliah and Robert Gedaliah, Harry’s daughter and son in law respectively, are concerned about him as he lives out his golden years. After Harry’s wife died following a period in hospital and rehab, his daughter and son in law sold his house. Harry’s family is now interested in finding him appropriate housing in New York City. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

First, it is important to find Harry a suitable place to live. Rande has been trying hard to find someplace appropriate for her father. As people live longer than they did in previous generations, it’s important to find a proper living situation for Harry. As a pastor, I would be willing to assist the family and to ensure that Harry and his family’s spiritual needs are met.
Second, it is important to meet the needs of Harry’s family, specifically his daughter and son in law who, like Harry, live in New York City. One thing to be grateful for is that Harry is well enough that he can enjoy dancing and looks to be fairly active. As a caregiver, Rande needs to take some time out for herself to avoid burnout, and this means perhaps considering an assisted living center in the city where he can get adequate care. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

I agree that this is a difficult situation. I believe there is a statistic in the Embracing Agingvideo that notes that 20% of active workers will be caregivers by 2030, so it’s definitely something that more and more people will have to contend with. The pastor’s recommendation of finding an assisted living center seems like a good idea because Harry would, on the one hand, be able to live in his own unit with some independence and, on the other hand, have some help as required. The pastor has also offered to provide support as needed. I wish this family luck as they seek out housing for Harry. New York City isn’t the cheapest city in the world. Hopefully they can find something affordable, accessible, and safe.

It’s nice that the pastor offered up some advice and said he would be willing to help them, but I saw no indication that the family was religious. As a result, the pastor might have to focus less on offering spiritual counsel and more on addressing the family’s needs. In this case, the most pressing needs would be finding somewhere for Harry to live and recommending options so that Rande doesn’t get burned out as his caregiver. There are lots of services out there that can provide her the help she needs, so maybe the pastor could do some digging and provide her with contacts to community services that will be of help. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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