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Discussion Post Response

Collaboration among healthcare professions is key in ensuring patient safety. Although in your discussion post you have affirmed that collaboration is important in ensuring patient safety, one aspect that should have also been included in the discussion relates to how teamwork and collaboration cannot be effectively executed without proper communication. According to Rosen et al., (2018), the current patient population is more complicated hence requires an interdisciplinary team in their management (Rosen et al., 2018). Additionally, since most patients suffer from complex conditions, the need for specialized care dictates that members should work as a team. When members are working as a team, a group may comprise a nurse, a physician, a pharmacist, and other health professionals. As a result, effective and transparent communications create room for building strong relationships and problem-solving skills that can help in managing complex patient cases (Rosen et al., 2018).

By using an example of how effective communication helped your team during the first wave of Covid 19, it shows how nurses and other health professions can benefit from collaboration. When team members do not communicate effectively, it leads to situations where members commit various medical errors (Reising et al., 2017). Some of these medical errors can lead to poor patient outcomes such as severe injury or unexpected death. Occasionally, most medication errors that arise due to lack of communication are a pervasive challenge affecting most health care organizations in the modern world (Reising et al., 2017). An additional aspect that is worth commending in your discussion post is that you have included some of the strategies that nurses can use to promote effective collaboration. By fostering professional relationships among team members, it will lead to open communications which will, in turn, led to improved care delivery and outcomes.


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