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Week #7 Entry #1
DeMaio, Filner Continue Attacks, Mudslinging in KPBS Debate”

Two men who are competing to be San Diego’s new mayor were at each other’s throats in their latest debate. Sixteen debates remain between Congressman Bob Filner and City Councilman Carl DeMaio before the November general election. When the men weren’t criticizing each other, they fielded questions about public policy such as pensions for city employees, neighborhood development, public safety, the Convention Center expansion and the environment. A San Diego State University student asked them what they agreed on, to which they responded the goal of bringing water recycling to the city and increasing renewable energy. One of the questions fielded by DeMaio was about building a football stadium. He said that he wasn’t in support of such a stadium.

This article sheds some light on the mayoral candidates, which I don’t believe we have seen enough of. The debates are usually a time when the public can really get a taste of what each candidate is all about. I have learned a lot about what it takes to set up a political campaign, but I find the strategies each candidate takes to be interesting. Right now, it appears there is little originality in the tactics used by these candidates. They are being extremely critical of each other and they are sucking up to the public when it comes to answering questions about the environment, for example. While these debates still interest me, they are becoming more and more predictable and I think a candidate could really impress the public by taking a route that isn’t so obvious.

Week #7 Entry #2
“The Electoral College is Brilliant, and We Would be Insane to Abolish it”

While the Electoral College is loathed by virtually every political party, depending on the year, the system is the best possible way to hold elections. The process is the best way to conduct an election, considering the massive landscape and such a diverse demographic. Without a system such as this, people who live in rural areas wouldn’t have an effect on the election because candidates wouldn’t go to rural areas to convince those voters to vote for them. Also, if the candidate had to go to these areas, it would make the election season even longer and more expensive. The current system makes it necessary to coordinate massive groups of people who are geographically dispersed. Finally, without the Electoral College, a president could be elected when the majority doesn’t vote for that president.

This article really addresses all the benefits of the Electoral College. While I’ve studied the logistics of what the Electoral College is, I haven’t seen such a clear explanation of the advantages of this process. It looks like the system is necessary to fully achieve the democratic process. While other options are available in other countries, the Electoral College appears to be the best way to include as many residents as possible in the election process. While I wouldn’t be hindered if candidates only addressed the public in metropolitan centers, those in the countryside would. Without a system other than the Electoral College, it would be unfair to the democratic process in America.

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