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One of the most common problems that are being seen throughout the modern world is the disease, diabetes.


There are entire government programs that are dedicated to researching new ways to combat the difficulties that are associated with the ailment. However, there are still gaps in knowledge that occur due to the fact that the people who are at the greatest risk, children, are not able to get the information required for them to prevent diabetes. Therefore, there has been a wide variety of programs that are aimed at children to help them discover the dangers of diabetes and how to live a healthy life. The most interesting and beneficial form of diabetes education for children is through games, a topic that will be explored in depth for its overall benefits in contrast with typical educational methods.

There are several major differences between the traditional means of education regarding diabetes and the modern means that are implemented in the forms of games. Traditional education can be defined as any form of literature or lecture that is typically purveyed by medical doctors. The very first way that these two forms of diabetes education differ from one another is that the games are designed specifically to meet the needs of children. There are many different ways that this is the case. One of the games that are featured about diabetes is a trivia game that is featured on This game is one that is popular and represents aspects of proper learning in that it starts off with very simple questions and then allows the individual to build their knowledge about diabetes to attain higher levels within the game program. This supports the continued learning of an individual by continually challenging them to increase their overall level of intelligence as it pertains to diabetes. As it turns out, the more that the children learn about diabetes, the more levels and knowledge they are able to unlock (, 2015). This is important because it creates a linear progression for the overall level of knowledge for diabetes, treatments, and information about its epidemiology.

Even though the game is designed to meet a target audience in a fun and innovative way, it is still important to examine the overall accessibility of the game and its effectiveness as teaching material to the children. One of the ways that this could be done is to examine the idea of diabetes as a whole and choose information that is absolutely pertinent to the understanding of the disease. Typically, ideas such as “Type 2 Diabetes is one the rise around the world”, “Diabetes can result from eating and drinking beverages with a great deal of sugar in them”, and “Diabetes can cause a variety of negative health effects including in the eyes, kidney, and heart” are the most important ideas that need to be spread. Also, prevention methods are incredibly important when examining the different means by which people can be educated about the ailment.

With those ideas is mind, an adult who is educated in the effects and prevention methods of diabetes can examine the online games to see if they are conveying the information that is required. In order to do this, the individual would simply go to the videogame website and begin playing the diabetes games, through all seven levels, to determine if the information that is being purveyed on the site is worthwhile. If the game is shown to be producing information that is not accurate or does not give a better worldview on diabetes as a whole, then the individual who performed the testing should contact the game designer to see if they would be interested in taking more trivia questions into consideration or eliminating the ones that the tester feels are extraneous. Through this process the diabetes video game can be made to be far more educational for the benefit of children and adults.

When examining the particular game that was located on, there are several factors that would determine whether or not it was worth implementing this game into the education of people who need to understand diabetes. The first aspect that has to be examined is whether or not the information that is being shown is beneficial. After seven levels of trivia, it has been determined that any person can learn important information about diabetes by participating in the tests that are offered.

Another important area to consider when it comes to education from a website is how practical the information is to the learner. Whether the learner is an adult or a child, the main benefit of this program is to have a way of being able to use the information that they have learned. Fortunately, the information presented in the trivia game mentions reducing the intake of sugar, and other actions that can be taken as preventative measures against diabetes.

Considering the fact that this game has a means of using a fun means of teaching people about various outcomes as they pertain to diabetes and does so in a fun and engaging way, the author of this paper would endorse this game being used as an educational tool. The novel use of technology to aid the process of learning is one that is important, and this diabetes trivia game shows several signs of being useful in this respect.

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