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According to the various functions of art profiled in this module, which category do you (or your work) identify with the most? You may choose more than one to discuss.
– Making places for human purposes
– Making extraordinary objects of ordinary objects
– Recording and commemorating
– Giving tangible form to concepts and ideas
– Giving tangible form to feelings
– Presenting new ways of looking at the world
Provide an example from your life/ work (i.e., art, music, fashion, film, theater, industrial, interior or graphic design, advertising, modeling, animation, new media, literature, poetry, etc.) to illustrate your answer.


As a designer, my first art purpose is to give form to feelings and I incorporate this into my interiors. Second, I accommodate people in their spaces. It is my job to create a comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing area while keeping in mind my client’s needs when adding my artistic touch.

In my previous class I was to design a living area for my final project, consisting of several guidelines of a modern downtown apartment. I chose few shades of colours to represent calmness, the beauty of the view, the ocean and the modern Vancouver downtown vibe. By using light shades of creams, browns, whites and purl accents with ultra-modern lighting, I was able to accomplish the theme of luxury.

#2 Question:
Compare and Contrast Maya Lin’s Vietnam War Memorial with Frederick Hart’s Three Soldiers. How do each of these monuments refer to the war? What image of the war, politically and emotionally are being presented to the viewer? What ideologies are being communicated, if at all? 
Be sure and discuss the formal differences such as the artists’ choice of representational vs. non-representational style and composition. 


Maya Lin’s Vietnam War Memorial portrays the image of an honourable loss to the viewers and mourners. Maya Lin described her work as “an interface, between our world and the quieter, darker; more peaceful world beyond.” Her non-representational style made her design politically correct from the view of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund because it did not glorify or condemn the war. The massive size of the V-shaped cut into the Earth, and shiny granite walls full of names of the deceased or lost engraved on them, makes the viewer think about how they feel about war, violence, life and death. Symbolically, the monuments can be compared to a healing cut. As time goes by, the cut heals, leaving a scar to remember the time of suffering.

Frederick Hart’s Three Soldiers portrays the image of unity. A racially mixed group of young men wear contemporary uniforms of the period and carry war equipment. The realism of the soldiers is to reflect the significance of the war and the effect on history. The artist’s representational style settled the protests after the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund decided to commission for a traditional monument. Being politically correct, the Three Soldiers are placed close to the Vietnam War Memorial and face the granite walls.

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