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Topic 3: Introduce privacy concerns about Google Glass, Facebook and Apple products

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Privacy concerns have been raised consistently in recent years over technology. Much of this concern has been directed at the major technology companies, Google, Facebook and Apple. Each of these firms has made amazing developments in technology that have impacted the world significantly in the way that it communicates. In this essay, I will discuss an example of the products that each of these companies has, while mentioning whether it is possible to draw a line where privacy becomes invaded. Privacy regulators have their work cut out for them in determining what an acceptable line is to create a privacy policy. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Google has recently been under fire for their new product that is set to be available for sale in 2014: Google Glass. The eyewear has a camera attached to it, and is able to record sound and images without people knowing it, (Downey, 2013). The company has been asked by privacy regulators in several European countries, separately, if they can test the device to see if it infringes on that nation’s privacy regulations. The concern is that a person could be recorded at any time without them knowing about it. However, it is very difficult to make a law that governs whether Google Glass should be acceptable or not. After all, there is not law refraining people from having a hidden camera. And Google Glass would actually be much less hidden than a camera, because the product is likely to attain widespread use, and people will be well aware that the person who is wearing the eyewear could be recording them. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

Facebook came under fire after it was determined the system was bugged, and this exposed millions of people’s profiles. The company admitted that the bug exposed the profiles, and the company wasn’t reprimanded for the mistake. The transgression even went against Facebook’s own privacy rules, (Shih, 2013). However, because there is so much information that is collected by social networking sites, there is the possibility that it could be exposed at any time. And this is a chance that people have to take. There is always the risk that information can be leaked, despite how strict privacy regulations are, and Facebook is just one example of that.

Apple Inc. has also faced a slew of criticism because of their new iOS, which some regulators say infringes on people’s rights to privacy, (Apple’s, 2013). The company has faced a slew of requests from law enforcement and government about many of its clients. However, the information that is requested from the company is very sensitive, and the firm is balancing between cooperating with authorities, and breaking its privacy contract with users. The line where the investigation of the law enforcement outweighs customer privacy is difficult to pinpoint, because the person in question is innocent until proven guilty, and they were told they would have their privacy when they became a client at Apple. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Knowing where to draw the line on privacy regulation is a difficult task, but it is one that needs to be given thorough consideration. After all, technology is moving at a staggering pace, but regulators are known to take a long time in developing laws. These conflicting priorities have not only created a lot of grey areas in what is and is not allowed in the collection of data, it has also put into question the acceptable level of privacy that needs to be observed by tech company

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