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Lab Report

Much as the working environment determines the quality and safety of the patients, the charge nurse has the responsibility of achieving them. That is to say, the charge nurses as they take their shifts, they must ensure quality and safety of their clients. Knowing that gets us to a third issue the charge nurse must look into; assigning the right nurses the right jobs. That way, much of the patients’ demands lie on the nurses’ work. With that in mind, nurses must apply their expertise to care for the diverse and ever-changing patients’ demands for effective management (McKee, Johnston & Massimilian, 2006, p.3). Importantly, emotional intelligence and mindful leadership play premier roles in this. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Through self-awareness, the charge nurses should understand they owe their accountability to the health sector. Above all, they need to know that their colleagues are valuable resources and they deserve respect and recognition for their roles in ensuring delivery of quality services in safe environments. While assigning nurses on shift duties, self-awareness help in addressing them amicably knowing that they are humans with diverse emotional reactions (McKee, Johnston & Massimilian, 2006, p.2). Thus, in so doing, they should ensure that they instill a peace of mind to them since this in itself is a sole determiner of the quality of services offered. That could bring about empathy.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Applying mindfulness by the charge nurses significantly benefits the nursing fraternity. It imparts the necessary skills to overcome the daily challenges hence sticking to high-quality services. If the charge nurse portrays their recognition of other as a valuable resource in the workplace, then, the nurses on shifts can most likely respond more appropriately to them. According to Akerjordet and Severinsson, (2008), as charge nurse walks in, mindfulness leads to improved focus, resulting to a clearer dissemination of information and in entirety in decision making.  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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McKee, A., Johnston, F., & Massimilian, R. (2006). Mindfulness, Hope and Compassion: A Leader’s Road Map to Renewal. Ivey Business Journal, 70(5), 1-5.

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