Demographic Site Analysis

Population size alone is inadequate to determine the healthcare needs of a state, region or country. There is need to determine the demographics of the area to ascertain the exact healthcare needs of the population. These demographics can help in assessing the right healthcare products that can be introduced into a market (Pol & Thomas, […]

Summary of Zapperi

By My Essay Writer The article ‘Woman’s reappearance: rethinking the archive in contemporary art—feminist perspectives’ by Giovanna Zapperi provides information about how history has marginalized women. The introduction provides information about archived information and how it is interpreted to interpret the history of women in society. The article focuses on three pieces of artwork in […]

SpaceX Colonizing Mars

By My Essay Writer Abstract This research will mainly assess the system safety and risk decisions that the SpaceX will make in its bid to colonize mars. Both primary and secondary data sources will be instrumental in the research process. To assess the safety systems and risk decisions, the research will evaluate and review the […]

Example of a Personal Statement

By My Essay Writer Personal Statement I have always been fascinated and interested in computers. I honestly admire the impact that these gadgets have had in our lives. I yearn and desire for a better understanding of how they work so that I can be able to utilize them better than the ‘ordinary person.’ This […]

Notice to Vacate Example

Your Name and Current Address Date Managers Name and Current address as indicated on the lease Re: Notice of Intent to Vacate Dear (Name of the Manager) This letter constitutes my written 30-day notice of my intention to leave the property listed above on April 29, 2017. The reason for leaving part of which I […]


Sample by My Essay Writer The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is an agency of the US federal government responsible for public security. DHS is primarily concerned with border security, immigration and customs, antiterrorism, disaster management and prevention, and cybersecurity (Ruffin, 2005). The Department of Defense (DoD) is mostly concerned with military undertakings abroad […]


Sample by My Essay Writer Ethics is a moral approach to understanding, evaluating, and differentiating matters relating to the well-being and relationships of people encountered in everyday life. Ethics is a process and not a static condition, as those who practice it must have beliefs and assertions that are consistently supported by sound reasoning. Evaluations based […]

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