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Canadian Aboriginal History

Canadian Aboriginal History

Week 3: Is history important to indigenous people?

Definition of research

According to the Lexico US dictionary, research deals with the systematic examination into the study of constituents as well as sources to create facts and make a new conclusion (Lexico US. Dictionary, 2020). According to Smith, research involves searching, recording, selecting, as well as interpretation. The essay writer researchers thereafter organize and re-present as they make claims of what they assemble (Smith, 2013). 

The dictionary definition of research is almost the same as the definition provided by Linda Tuhiwai Smith. The dictionary talks about the systematic investigation into the study of materials, while the definition provided by Linda Tuhiwai Smith provides what the systemic investigation is all about when she stated that the research begins by searching, then recording what has been searched, selecting the information or data collected and giving the interpretation.

From her book, the indigenous people disregard the research and do not want people to research about them. The indigenous people refer to research as useless to indigenous communities. As a result, the indigenous people face a lot of issues despite regarding themselves as indigenous. They struggle personally to engage with disconnections, which are apparent between the high demand for research and the reality they encounter in their indigenous communities. The indigenous communities disregard research and associate it with imperialism, indicating that it does not really reflect their own culture or activities, and they associate it with western culture. 

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Through research, the researchers are able to know about the history of the Canadian aboriginals and establish what they practice. Those practices are read by the future generations who maintain what the past generations used to do. Therefore, research plays a significant role as far as the history of the indigenous people is concerned. 

Through history, Canadian aboriginals are able to know their source of origin as well as their culture. Without history, some of the practices will become extinct due to the rapid cultural mix as people interact. For instance, children learn about their identity and culture through history, which parents and family members narrate to them. 


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