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The film industry has been in existent for a long time, and this shows why films are still popular among many people. In the past, films used to be black and white. This meant that the films only had these two colors. Currently, people have the pleasure of using colored films in which several colors are featured. While considering black and white in films, many other colors are featured such as gray, beige, and silver among many others. . [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

In cinematography, black and white is considered the color of glamor. This is based on the aspect that the actors that were popular during the era of black and white films are still considered popular to date. Their movies are usually regarded to as classics. To show that black and white films are still popular, some movie directors still choose to use this in their movies. The reasons behind this could be to make an aesthetic or even political point. In addition, the films could be shot in black and white as homage to the earlier cinema genres. What makes this even interesting is that the audiences never seem to get tired of the black and white films. It would be significant to note that black and white films apply to both photography and movies (Info Please, 2016).

Long ago, people would have their pictures taken in black and white. However, some people still prefer to do the same despite the option of colored pictures being offered. Another use of black and white films is to show a historical part of an ongoing film. For instance, whenever the actors/actresses make a flashback, the images or videos are usually made in black and white.  [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Therefore, the black and white film is a significant part of the technology that has bordered across the past and present. In fact, people would appear to consider its use even in the future. The classic feeling delivered by use of these films has become important in art. In conclusion, people should expect to see more of the black and white films in the future. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Info Please. (2016). Movies and Film. Retrieved September 23, 2016, from Infoplease

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