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In Nicola Bullard’s “Before, They Killed Us with Guns, Now They Do it With Hunger,” she discusses the Argentina Social Forum and the results on the people of Argentina. She claims that even a revolution would be impossible (1).

She describes the struggles that took place, and the two factions of the madres, which were the “linea fondacion,” and the militant breakaway group. Her account provides an interesting take on the situation following the dictatorship, and the linea fondacion began to use the various foundations of human right commissions and the courts, (3).

Providing a first-person account on the struggles that took place in the nation are much more valuable than secondary sources, which are too objective, and they often do not get into the heart of the issues. By providing her story of what took place, Bullard was able to communicate aspects that observers might not be as privy to. For example, the real heroes behind the liberation movement are described, such as Nora Cortinas, whom Bullard describes as being loved by everyone (5)

Section 2 Summary 2 of 2

In “Argentine Social Movements: Taking Matters into Their Own Hands,” Marie Trigona provides clear commentary on the Argentine crises. Similar to Bullard, she provides a first-person account of the struggles that took place during a two-day popular rebellion and a state of siege that was imposed, but President Fernando de la Rua decided to finally step down from power during the crises (2).

Trigona provides the context leading up to the revolt. She explains that “skyrocketing unemployment,” during the late 1990s and early 2000s was the reason for the growth of the social movement. I thought it would take tremendous courage for the people to revolt against the government, as it is something the people of the nation had not really done in the past. And the fact they were successful at getting Rua to step down was a marked accomplishment (4).

This revolt shows the amount of strife that can be caused when there is a high degree of unemployment. Even in North America, the Occupy Wall Street movement was a result of people feeling disenfranchised during a time when unemployment was high. This article helps reveal that unemployment is the cause of much rebellion throughout the world, as the people blame the government for the poor economy.

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