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3 September 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced world, organizations need strong individuals to help meet their ever-changing law enforcement development goals. Having more than ___ years of experience in law enforcement, I am certain that I can contribute positively to your organization. My skills and experience align well with the competencies that you are seeking at your organization, and I am certain that I would make a valuable addition. I invite you to consider my qualifications for the First Sergeant position.

My major reason for consideration of becoming a First Sergeant is to serve as the lifeblood of a military unit.  To manage the communication, compliance to standards and effective collaboration of the six Joint Staff Directorates is a great responsibility and honor for me. For my military progression, it is no secret that I yearn to expand my knowledge and perspectives through fostering my management and leadership skills, which I will attain if I have been selected in this highly regarded role. I would like to take this challenging and rewarding role, for me to systematically comprehend and evaluate the significance of the operations and duties of the staff directorates who are holding positions from different branches of service.  I am independently minded, eager to challenge ideas and can handle military problems or initiate changes in order to achieve goals without comprising my integrity. Delivering high-quality military service and discipline among the subordinates is my commitment and to support the company commander.

My main objective is to improve my scope of responsibility and foster a collaborative environment among the staff directorates in order to carry out administrative, command, and control functions effectively. As a leader, I commit to military directions and have the audacity to make judgments and take full responsibility for those decisions. Becoming a First Sergeant will enable me to create the greatest influence on the staff directorates wherein I will teach the importance of dedication, discipline, and respect.

I am a ___ University graduate of Criminology with a background in military operations and knowledge in counselling, customs, drill, ceremonies, and military justice. My service history and skills, together with my penchant for detail, have all served to make me a highly effective leader and strategist. Some of the key skills and personal attributes I possess that I believe will make me the best candidate for this job are:

•          Excellent interpersonal, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills

•           Experienced with leading and developing a high-performance team

•           Superlative skills in research, training, and scheduling

•           Competency with Microsoft applications

•           Extremely well-organised with excellent time management capabilities

•           Superior administration skills and critical thinking skills

•          Highly adaptable, capable of learning quickly and working effectively under

            minimum supervision

•           Strong ability to inspire, influence, motivate; assess situations, make decisions,

take risks and determine goals; and foster a collaborative environment.

•           Excellent ability to identify and resolve issues, utilising analytical skills to devise

innovative solutions in conflict resolution and negotiation.

Attached herewith is my resume for your evaluation. I would appreciate the chance to meet with you about this employment opportunity. I am available for an interview, at your convenience.

Kind regards,


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