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The application is to help to get admission to the ESSEC Business School to pursue studies in the corporate and finance field. My home country is Guinea, located in West Africa. However, I had previous experience ESSEC exchange program while in France in 2016. During the program, the primary focus was on improving to attain distinctiveness and excellence. The program offers an exceptional experience whereby individuals achieve the required skills and technical knowhow on how to deal with life challenges. Getting an enrolment for the master’s program will be instrumental in the achievement of both short and long term goals. For instance, my short term goals are gaining the necessary experience in both the finance and corporate filed.  The experience will be instrumental in broadening and improving my academic development.

Moreover, in the long term, I aspire to use the knowledge gained in starting an advisory company in my home country, Guinea. This is instrumental in helping promote small businesses and corporations in the county. Typically, many of the West African countries have a high number of small companies, thus providing a niche for people with corporate experience.  Therefore, the experience helps in ensuring that the company learns on the various ways to deal with their issues. Helping the firms is essential towards the general development and poverty reduction in Guinea.

Furthermore, I have a deep interest in having admission to a campus located in Singapore. This will offer a new environment, whereby I can learn and have enough experience on international levels.  For instance, most of the firms in Singapore are multi-national companies and offer a best practice on how to conduct consultations and finance management. Further, Singapore hosts a large number of international students, thus providing an opportunity to gain experience of working in a multi-cultural society.

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By Hanna Robinson

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