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I most strongly advocate for the federalists because I agree that the articles included in Confederation weren’t really effective enough, as they were so vague and not encompassing. I hold the view that the government was weak in its early stages and didn’t have enough power to control the people, (Antifederalists, 2001). The government needed to become stronger in order to have more authority over foreign trade and the activities of the populace, to a certain degree. In order to be strong, the nation needed people who were well-educated and experienced; otherwise, the nation was at risk of having uncooperative states.

This government is necessary in order for the rights of the people to be protected. Without a government, people were at risk and society could not function in a just fashion. The Constitution gave equal rights and didn’t favor people in power, though there were some who needed to have power in order to establish the authority of the government. Furthermore, in order for government to function in a logical manner, the church and state needed to be separated. Without such a separation, the government stood the risk of being controlled by the church, which has its aim at honoring God, rather than what is best for the nation, (Antifederalists, 2001).

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