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My uncle is not related to me by blood, but married into my family over two decades ago. He was born in 1963 and grew up with a large family in a small town in Germany north of Berlin, called Oranienburg. While his family was happy and loving, they were poor, and they lived in a tiny one bedroom bungalow, where the parents slept in the master bedroom, and the children had their beds placed throughout the regular living area, quartered off by tables, desks, or bookshelves. My uncle is the youngest of five children, with two older brothers, and two older sisters, so while he is now old, he will always be the baby of the family. His father worked as a firefighter, and his mother stayed home with the children, with the older ones helping to take care of the younger ones, or working odd jobs around town. Within our interview, he emphasized to me that his family was very close knit, and that while he loves his wife and new family, he wishes that he had not moved so far away from his parents and siblings. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Within my Uncle’s family, school was always emphasized as the number one priority of the children, and all of them continued through grade school and into secondary without delay. His parents ensured that while the children worked around the house, or in their own jobs, they never compromised the quality of their education. In addition to this, his parents believed in supplementing their children’s education with valuable lifestyle knowledge such as gardening, cooking, cleaning, and social interaction. From a young age, his parents had him helping in the garden to learn how to weed, foster plants, and harvest them once ready. As the children became older, they all learned to grow their own vegetables, and were able to take care of their own patches of the garden without assistance. Once they learned to grow and garden, his parents taught them how to cook their harvested and purchased food into meals, and once they reached the age of 10, they took turns cooking family meals and preparing lunches for the children attending school. In addition to schooling, gardening, and cooking, his parents emphasized the value of household chores, such as cleaning, as well as less conventional chores, such as helping younger siblings with their homework. When I asked if the gardening and cooking were also considered chores, he said that they did not feel like chores, because they all enjoyed working together outside and in the kitchen; he said that it felt like fun to them. .[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

In an average day in my Uncle’s household as a child, he would awaken early and tend to his garden, before preparing or eating breakfast, depending on if it was his day to cook. He would then wash up and dress, and with his four siblings, would embark of the half hour journey on foot to the school. When he returned home, he would begin his homework, and if he had trouble, would work with his older siblings to help get him through it. He said that most of the time, his siblings were happy to help, but he often had to wait until they were finished their own, because they did not like to be bothered. When studying was finished, dinner would be made and any chores would be addressed, such as sweeping or dusting the house. If chores were completed, he often ran down the hill from his home to play with his friends on their ranch until dinner was called. As the evening drew to a close, his whole family would go to sleep early together, often before 10:00pm, and then the day would begin again. As the children grew older, their time was also supplemented with small part-time jobs, such as working at the local grocers, or playing organized sports, such as soccer. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

In looking at the life of my Uncle, I realize how very different I have grown up than he did. While my family loves each other, we rarely make time to eat meals together, nor do we embark on chores, homework, or other household tasks as a group. While my time is divided between home and school, from when I wake up in the morning to when I return home, I do not have the same expectations as he did within his family. When I awaken, I groggily eat breakfast, get dressed, and hurry to school, while he would wake hours early to tend to his own food, cook breakfast for his family, and walk to school as a group with his siblings. In addition to this, once school has ended, I seldom return straight home; I often spend time with friends first, while he would go straight home and complete his homework and chores, before being allowed to attend to his friends and play. The knowledge of how my uncle grew up has greatly impacted how I now view my everyday life. While I appreciate what I have, I find myself feeling slightly envious of the simpler things that his family emphasized, such as family meals, chores, and even gardening and cooking their own food. After reviewing the differences in my upbringing and my uncle’s, I think that I may begin to emphasize some of the things that his family did, such as eating meals together, and ensuring that the bulk of the chores are divided amongst the family. I believe that if I spend more time putting effort into my family life, and less into entertainment, it may make my life happier and less stressful. I also think that after hearing about how his family grew their own vegetables, that this is something that I would also like to learn how to do. In speaking with my uncle, while I expected him to emphasize the hardships of his upbringing, he smiled throughout and talked of his childhood with happiness. This has taught me that material goods and entertainment is not everything, and that sometimes the simpler things in life can bring us the most joy of all.

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