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Quotery.com has just released its beta 2.0, and several features are now available for users’ enjoyment. The launch includes an all-new design that is responsive and looks great on every device. This provides users with new options that can be used to search for quotes by topics, authors, emotions and occasions, for example.

New features also include more relevant information about each quote, including context, sources, variations, relevant trivia, and author biographies. The new system also offers additional quotations and picture quotes, along with dozens of new quotes that are added every day. 

With the release of the new beta 2.0, Quotery.com has given people looking for inspirational quotes with a new way to find that for which they are searching. Several new features are included in the new design, and all will facilitate greater ease of use, no matter the device.

Beta 2.0 provides people with an easy way to find the type of quote they want. The system facilitates searches by topic, author, emotion, and occasion, for example. Each quote also contains new information about the context, sources, variations, trivia and authors. More quotations and picture quotes are available daily, and more information is contained to put the quotes into context.
“We’re quickly becoming the world’s largest, most accurate resource for quotes in existence,” said Jason Bacchetta, Quotery.com’s founder.

After visiting the company’s home page, users will see the vast number of quotes being added every minute. Below the counter, users can enter their search word, and Quotery.com will find all the relevant quotes, such as love quotes. Additionally, the site will provide other information about your search query. For example, if the user types in the word “Plato,” they will have the option to look over Plato’s quotes, but the site also contains biographical information, for example.

The search query does not have to be a person’s name. Now, more than ever, users are able to find quotes that relate to nearly any query. For example, if they are feeling happy that day, and are trying to find a way to express that joy, typing in the word “happy,” will generate a list of options on which to click. One of the first results for the word “happy,” turns up the quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Most people are about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”

Quotery.com offers users with free access to smart quotes. Many words have been spoken throughout the ages, and Quotery.com filters out the best of those, spoken by the greatest minds ever to live. Revolutionary thinkers live on through the pages of Quotery.com, and they provide inspiration to those who visit the site each day. While only launching in 2013, Quotery.com has already become one of the Internet’s most-trusted providers of entertainment and inspiration. Quotes can cheer people up on a dreary day, and provide inspiration when it is needed. Quotery.com is the Internet’s go-to source for the wisest and most accurate quotes.
To find out more, visit www.quotery.com

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