9 Awesome Blogs for Students

Social media and blogging have been under attack for a rather long time on a charge of depriving students of real-life, face-to-face interaction. Under current conditions, it is becoming clear that we can use these ‘digital bridges’ to actually become closer to each other. And while Facebook and Instagram are notorious time stealers, well-chosen blogs can not only help you feel less lonely and find new friends but also give you an opportunity to learn something new and exciting, discover helpful tips and hacks, boost your motivation and even make your dreams come true! We have compiled for you a list of the most useful and interesting blogs that focus on diverse aspects of student life. Continue reading “9 Awesome Blogs for Students”

Why Is It Good to Start a Business Now?

So you are considering starting a business on your own, doesn’t matter if you are fresh out of school or finally decided to work on a lifelong dream of yours – why not give it a shot! Sure, 2020 has been hell so far…quite literally. The current state of the world has made many people jobless or homeless, everything is out of place. So it’s actually pretty reasonable that starting a business in the middle of it all just doesn’t seem as appealing to you. But there are actually benefits and easy ways to turn all of this into something good, you just need to push and be confident that’ll work. Continue reading “Why Is It Good to Start a Business Now?”

Unusual Ways You Can Improve Your Writing

When it comes to writing content, there isn’t a job in the world that doesn’t require some kind of comprehension and expression. While some of us are born with the gift of being able to write flawlessly, there are just as many of us that struggle with it very much. 

This is why it’s important for you to know that there are ways in which you can improve your writing. They may not be conventional, but they’re certainly effective.

Continue reading “Unusual Ways You Can Improve Your Writing”

Editor’s Guide to Creating Your Online Portfolio

The world is slowly migrating to the digital world and making your own portfolio is also included in this trend. The traditional paper forms have now been translated into online ones by making your own website that becomes an online portfolio you can present for work and employment opportunities. It allows you to apply for projects and meet new clients without having to bring wit you a bulky profile in your bag. It is accessible and you can make it as unique as possible. What’s more, you can include content that other means won’t allow you to. Creating your own portfolio may sound easy but it is delicate because it is a direct reflection of who you are as a professional. Here is an editor’s take on how you should create your online portfolio. 

Showcase Your Work

The most obvious thing you should put in there is your work. Tell stories about your key projects and provide as many details and pictures which recount the success of your work and the factors that contributed to it. You can showcase projects from different platforms and add other forms of media which include videos, and audio clipping. A more diverse output can entice more clients as it attests to your versatility and expertise. Make the voice you use in the narration of your content should be a reflection f what makes you unique so take note of this when writing your bio and recounting other personal details. Demonstrate your thinking style by highlighting the decisions you have made behind the details of your projects and assignments. This will give your possible clients hints of how you manage work.

Curate the Content

Choose the content you put in your portfolio wisely. This means that you should only curate the highlights that give a positive impression to all its future viewers. Keep good records so you don’t have to hide any bad project which can be a cause of problems later. One of the most important things you should do is to proofread everything. Even the small details can be improved by using software that can go through everything you write. The features also include artificial intelligence that checks errors similar to the one used in the Punctuation checker by Grammarlookup to make sure that the writing is exceptional and error-free. You can use similar apps not just in creating your portfolio but in your future projects as well.  

A Portfolio with a Personality

Portfolios have traditionally been made with the utmost professionalism that some people do not like to add a bit of personality to the online portfolio they create as a way of keeping the tradition. Add a more candid of yourself if possible. Make your portfolio mirror who you are.


This task can be daunting at first but once you are able to launch your portfolio live, you can already have an opportunity to connect to more clients. This is where you put all of your work. It is more than just a reference but the collection that sums up your professional background and your potential for more.

Important Skills Every Proofreader Must Have

A proofreader is a vital part of the technological world. Proofreaders are employed to revise written work and correct any flaws; the skills of a proofreader are many, and if you wish to pursue this career then you must properly study and prepare yourself for it. You have to have a very good grasp of the language in which you are proofreading and likely will be required to have a significant number of qualifications and to have studied at a university of high reputation. You cannot get a career as a proofreader if your language or grammar is not very good. Read this guide and you will be on the road to becoming a successful proofreader!

A Keen Eye

Working as a proofreader requires the utmost determination and concentration. Proofreading is the most difficult and requires being detail oriented when looked at comparatively with other freelance writing jobs. When you are proofreading you must look for every single potential flaw and read every line ten times over. If you make a mistake, lose your concentration, or miss something, you could damage your reputation as a respectable proofreader, and you could seriously damage the author’s chances of succeeding with his project. When you are proofreading you should make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep and eat a healthy diet so that you can stay on top of your game and make sure you are functioning properly.

You should have, as aforementioned, a very healthy grasp of the language respective to your project; if you do not, there is little point in pursuing the project. The money may be good, but you are unlikely to ever get another project again in the future and will likely get terrible reviews.

You Must Be Motivated

Reading for extended periods when it is not creative writing or fictional, or just something you are not interested in, can become extremely laborious and seem more like a chore than a job. It is easy to grow very bored and weary of what you are reading, and it is easy to start skipping over and losing motivation. You must stay consistently determined and have a strong level of determination, otherwise you will not get the work done properly. Proofreading is one such career that requires an incredible amount of motivation otherwise you will find yourself making big mistakes.

You Must Exercise Good Judgement

When working as a proofreader you must exercise a very high level of judgement and make sure you do not change things unnecessarily. When you read somebody else’s writing it is very easy to pick up on lots of flaws and problems, but many times that can just be their style of writing, and by changing it you are making an error yourself by changing the way they intended the writing to be conveyed, which of course, is not something you want to do when you are being paid to proofread their work.

Work With The Author’s Style

If you do not see any serious errors or grammatical or spelling mistakes there is little point in changing or amending the perceived infraction. Oftentimes, many so-called ‘flaws’ are intentional, and the author may become offended or irritated if they are removed. This is very true in creative writing, as while non-fiction and more serious writing requires a different literary quality, fictional writing allows a writer to incorporate their style and grammatical tweaks into the content, for example: some authors choose to ‘misuse’ commas in creative writing to make their work more punchy and hard-hitting. It is very easy to become judgemental when reading other people’s work, but you are being employed to make changes that are necessary, not unnecessary.

As was mentioned in the previous paragraph you must connect with the author’s style. Being a proofreader means you must be able to match exactly with the particular writer’s specific style of writing; their style must become your own, otherwise your edits may not match the content itself. You must also identify with the author and be able to establish their quirks, as again was previously mentioned, so that you cannot decimate their work and gut it.

Being a proofreader is an awesome career and it can be a brilliant way to make some money. If you do want to go ahead and pursue a career as a proofreader it would be a good idea to adhere to the instructions listed in this guide so that you can be the best you can be and put out high-quality work.


You can find proofreading jobs on many freelancer websites, but check out the credibility of the agency before you start writing for them.


7 Ways Parents Can Help Students Attain Academic Success

Do you ever think how your involvement in your child’s studies would impact their education?

While it’s true that your child’s academic success depends on several issues, including the school, the teachers involved, and the quality of learning resources available, your involvement in your child’s education plays a vital role as well.

Even so, many parents are not involved in their children’s education process, especially in public schools. While there are many reasons for this, one notable is that parents aren’t sure how to help their children, especially when it comes to homework.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Apart from getting homework help online by connecting with reputable online tutors, there are other ways you can help your child become an academic giant, including:

1.       Create a Routine

One primary excuse that parents give for not getting involved in their children’s schoolwork is lack of time. And this is understandable as parents are busy with their work. However, you should find time to talk with your child about school, check their progress, and provide help where you can.

It is even worse now with the internet as many kids are spending most of their time on smartphones, tablets, and social media.

To break this harmful behavior, consider creating a schedule when the child should handle their homework and stick to it.

While doing this, you should keep in mind that your child needs time to rest after school before starting their homework. Allowing them to take a snack and giving them time to recharge their brains will go a long way in helping them get the most of their homework.

The critical thing is to ensure the time you choose for your child’s homework is consistent every day. This way, you’ll create a routine that your child can stick to.

2.       Read with Your Child at Home

Surprisingly, reading with your child at home is among the things you can do to help boost your kid’s academic success. As such, you have a vital role to play to help your child improve their skills. After all, you’re your child’s first teacher.

While doing this, you should form a habit of asking your child some questions. This way, you’ll help boost your child’s creativeness. Also, ensure to share stories that will help boost their courage and character.

3.       Talk to Your Child’s Teacher Regularly

If possible, form a habit of meeting your child’s teacher, especially at the start of the year. Among other things, your child’s teacher will know that you want to get involved in your child’s learning process and allows you for an opportunity to air your concerns. Inform your teacher to contact if they have any concerns with your child.

What’s more, having an excellent relationship with your child’s teacher will develop the much-needed partnership between you and the teacher.

4.       Ensure Your Child Gets Homework Done

You should let your child know that homework is key to their academic success. As a result, ensure your child completes their homework on time.

To that end, consider dedication a special study place in your house for your child. Ensure to remove all distractions, including smartphones and television, when your kid is handling the homework.

5.       Help Your Child Love Learning

Learning can sometimes be hard. It can even be worse if the child does not like it. Don’t forget during your days in school when you had a mental block about a subject you didn’t like? Well, your child can be a victim too.

You can help your child avoid this by setting a good mood. This way, they’ll not just become more engaged but will be more willing to handle even the most difficult tasks as well. So, ensure that your child has a positive mind-set about studies, and the rest will fall into place.

6.       Encourage Your Child

Sometimes your child may become frustrated with some areas of their homework. Listen carefully to their pain points and offer a way out. For instance, you can encourage them to break down their assignments into small achievable goals.

7.       Offer Incentives

It’s okay if you don’t think your child needs to be rewarded for doing what they should do. Some children will, however, require incentives to feel motivated to do their homework. Yes, some students will still feel bored even after having good grades or encouragement from their teacher.

A simple reward such as watching a cartoon, playing a game, or playing with friends once your child has completed their homework can go a long way in motivating your child.

Who Can Help Write My Essay in College?

Probably, everyone today knows that college education requires a lot of effort from students. They regularly have to complete a series of assignments in order to pass the session and successfully master the training material. One such assignment is to write an essay. The main mission and purpose of the essay are to represent the student’s independent vision of the problem, questions, topics based on the processed material and arguments. The use of this type of paper in the educational process contributes to the acquisition of competencies in a clearer and more professional formulation of thoughts, helps to arrange these thoughts in a logical sequence, assumes fluency in the language of terms and concepts, reveals the depth and breadth of educational material, teaches to use examples, quotes, necessary arguments on the relevant topic.

However, essay writing is difficult for young people. Therefore, they often have to look for someone who can help with this assignment. They ask friends “Who can help me with my essay?”, but sometimes they still don’t get a complete answer to this question. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you about who can really help you write an essay in college.

Main Helpers

Consider information about who can help you cope with the task.


Your helpers can be friends who are studying at the same college as you. Therefore, you can ask them for help. Perhaps, one of them will agree to write your essay. However, it is important to note here that your friends most likely also have many assignments that they need to complete. Therefore, they may not have time to support you.

Relatives and Parents

You can ask relatives or parents for help. They are likely to help you. However, it is important to consider that they studied many years ago, when the requirements for writing an essay were completely different, so they may not know how to write an essay for college today. So, even if they agree to help you, you will need to adjust the paper for a long time in accordance with modern requirements for writing essays.


You can ask for help from your supervisor who gave you such an assignment. He, of course, can give some tips and advice, but he will by no means complete your work! In addition, if you ask him for help, this may further reduce the rating for your paper.

Online essay writing services

Probably, online essay writing services are your best helpers. You can contact them at any time and get high-quality help because such companies employ top-level professionals who comply with deadlines, as well as all the requirements of clients when writing an essay. They carry out orders in various disciplines, including history, literature, economics, marketing, business, management, chemistry, physics, algebra, computer science, biology, geography, sociology, geology, etc. All papers are of high quality and uniqueness.

Buying paper online is very easy. You just need to contact the manager and place an order. You will have to pay a little money for the work, but most services today offer reasonable prices for students. It is worth noting here that by paying a little money you will save your strength and most importantly time, which is always so short! Therefore, we recommend that you contact them and get advantageous benefits!

Essay Writing Algorithm

It is also important to note that you should choose the assistant who really knows what the essay is, how to write this type of paper and what algorithm for its implementation:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to demonstrate the correct understanding of the topic of an essay. That is, to link this or that statement with a specific problem;

  2. Then the reason for choosing a topic is indicated. It should be noted why this topic was chosen from the proposed themes;

  3. Show the author’s vision of the topic, problems. The student, having shown that he knows the problem and the topic with which the statement is connected, must show that he also understands her author’s vision.

  4. The expression of one`s own attitude to the opinion of the author:

  • full consent;

  • partial consent;

  • complete disagreement with the author.

When something is affirmed or denied, the reasoning is needed. Argumentation is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Conceptual-theoretical (with reference to theories and scientists);

  • Examples;

  • Reliance on one’s own personal practice, experience.

  1. Conclusions. Formulating conclusions, it is important to summarize basic thoughts.

So, in this article, we tell about who can help you write an essay in college. Therefore, weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision. However, don`t forget that if you choose the specialists of the online service, then you are guaranteed to get a reliable assistant who knows the algorithm for essay execution and, therefore, can provide you with an excellent paper!

Unique Ways To Show How Thankful You Are

It can be kind of hard to express your thankfulness in a way that seems sincere and not staged. Usually, a simple thank you does the trick just fine, but if you are extremely grateful for something a person has done for you, whether for helping you emotionally or through material means, you start feeling the need to find a more special and unique way to express your gratefulness.

These are some of the best ways to express sincere thanks to those around you, whether they are close to your heart or not.

1-      Write a Personalized Note or Email 

This may seem like such a simple and common thing to do, but you might be surprised at how effective it is. Everyone writes thank you notes, but it is rare for someone to genuinely personalize the note. Sending a handwritten note is very sentimental; however, when you do not have the methods needed to deliver a handwritten note, you can write a personalized thank you email. You can find various email examples online to help give you an idea of the right format to use. You can also understand how to convey your tone in the email to fit the feelings of thankfulness you want to share with your intended recipient. 

2-      Write Them a Poem 

Whether you have a talent for writing or not, giving a person a personalized poem to show how thankful you are is unique. It will be an act that they will remember for a long time since it is rare to get a thank you as thoughtful as a written poem. If you do not want to write a poem that is too emotional, you can write something short and to the point that it still has the same value to the recipient. 

3-      Be There for Them When Needed 

Sometimes, people do not want words, whether spoken or written. They want to find you there for them when they are going through their life issues or simply need someone to listen to them vent about their day. Being available for someone is the best way to show them how grateful you are to have them in your life and it shows them how much you prioritize your relationship with them, which is all anyone wants to feel. 

4-      Throw Them a Party 

If you want to thank a friend, you can throw a party in which they are the guest of honor. This is an amazing idea if the person you want to thank enjoys being around others and socializing. If the person you want to show your thankfulness to is an introvert, chances are, they won’t appreciate a large scale party. You can have a small gathering to show gratitude instead.

5-      Cook or Bake for Them 

Who doesn’t love food, let alone getting food from someone as a way of showing how thankful they are? Cooking and baking food for people show a lot of appreciation. Having an elaborate dinner made for the person you are thankful for, or even baking them cookies or a cake if they have a sweet tooth, is going to show how thankful you are, and they get to have a treat as well. If you are not into cooking, then you can get them a food basket or a bouquet of strawberries to enjoy munching on.

6-      Make a Video Thanking Them 

If you want to express your thanks uniquely, why not use technology to your advantage? You can either take a recorded video of the thank you message you want to express or you can make the process more elaborate and record yourself doing something special for the person you want to thank, singing a song, reciting a poem, dancing, etc.

7-      Create a Mixtape (or Playlist)  

You read that right. This isn’t the nineties or early two-thousands, but you can still create a mixtape as a gesture of thankfulness. Of course, instead of an actual tape, you can use a flash drive with all the songs installed or you can create a playlist for them on a music app. If you plan on showing how thankful you are this way, make sure to take extra care picking songs that you know the recipient will enjoy listening to and ones that convey the message you want to give them.

These seven methods are some of the most unique and effective ways to show your gratitude to a multitude of people. To make it more special, mix and match between these ways and try to acclimate them to suit the recipient’s tastes.

Ideas for Making the Thesis Writing Process More Enjoyable

Most of the graduates already work in their chosen specialty when they have to write a
thesis. After a hard day, it is unlikely that anyone will want to sit at the computer for hours
and write a voluminous project. Creating a thesis is painstaking work that requires attention
and concentration. Not everyone will be able to cope with this task and successfully
overcome the last test.

In fact, if you approach this matter wisely, then you can easily and simply write a thesis. We
invite you to find out the most popular methods that can facilitate the writing of the thesis.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Moment

It is possible to delay the delivery of the diploma for verification by the supervisor, but no one
will postpone the main deadline. Therefore, writing a thesis should be approached in
advance. The theme of the graduation project is assigned to the graduate about 5-6 months
before the defense. On average, if the thesis is carried out measuredly, then the student will
need about 2 months. But if you wish, you can reduce the optimal period for writing to 1
month. And if you have other assignments to be done at this moment, you can look for
cheap essays.

Thesis Writing Sequence

First, you should write the main part of the diploma, which is the theoretical and practical
chapters. And as soon as they are ready, you can start writing an introduction and

With this approach, the author will thoroughly study the problem, the degree of its study and
development, and propose new and effective methods for solving it. This will facilitate the
justification of relevance, methodological base, and degree of study when writing an
introduction. In conclusion, it is enough to confirm all the points from the introduction by
providing evidence.

A Friendly Relationship With the Supervisor

In the process of writing a thesis, it is important not only to study the theoretical aspects of
the chosen topic and to conduct research on the example of a particular object. You also
need to develop effective methods for solving the problem.

The implementation of the practical parts of the thesis makes students encounter difficulties.
For example, they may have problems with a lack of information, the inability to conduct
calculations and total analysis of the situation in order to diagnose the problem. In this case,
the supervisor will come to the rescue. He will propose alternative methods of analysis and
the use of other data. They will allow students to draw reasoned conclusions and continue
the train of thoughts in the tedious direction.

Try to Write a Thesis With Interest and Pleasure

Writing complex works becomes easy if you are interested and want to explore the topic. For
this, it is important that the student understands that he needs it not for the sake of a
beautiful grade in the diploma, but for the sake of real knowledge and skills that will be useful
to him at work.

It is equally important to properly stimulate yourself. As soon as individual fragments,
subparagraphs or other parts are ready, make yourself small rewards. You can pamper
yourself a bit to continue to work on the thesis with interest. If you will not praise yourself,
then no one will do this. This approach will make the process of creating a thesis not only
useful but also enjoyable.

Do Not Deviate From the Approved Plan

Before writing a thesis, the graduate must approve its plan. After approval, do not deviate
and change it. Such actions often do not lead to anything good. The supervisor will return a
thesis for revision due to inconsistencies in structure and content, ambiguities and
contradictions in the text, etc.

Find a Responsible and Reliable Performer

It is not necessary to order a turnkey writing of the thesis. Sometimes it is possible to greatly
facilitate the process of its creation by ordering the preparation of individual parts or literature
on the topic, increasing the uniqueness of the text, etc. It is important to correctly select a
specialist who will be competent in a particular area, responsible, honest and reliable.

“I Need to Write an Essay Fast” Request Can Be Handled ASAP!

Sometimes, you need an urgent essay writing service. It happens when you are so much loaded
with college assignments that you simply forget about some of them. And then, you discover
that you have to write a paper late at night.

In such cases, you need a really fast essay writing service. And of course, you need to check
that the writing services provider is reliable and can handle your order on time.

Urgent Essay Writing Service, or Select the Right Company
If you need an urgent essay writing service, you need to check several details before
ordering your paper from one or another company online. Otherwise, you might not get
your essay on time or the quality will not be sufficient.

Here are the things that you shall check before placing your “help me with my essays” request:
A top rated company, such as FastEssay.net, should have professional writers from
different time zones. Only then, you can count on top quality and a quick turnaround. For
example, if you live in Europe and need paid help with your dissertation overnight, an
American writer can complete the request. If the company doesn’t practice using the
services of writers from different countries, your papers might be delivered with delays or
be not of the quality you need.

Prices shall be affordable. You might argue that rushessay services aren’t cheap, and
we agree with you. Even if the company is the best in the market but you don’t have
enough money to buy your assignment from them, it is useless for you.

A trusted service provider, such as FastEssay.net, offers you safe ways to pay for your
order. There shall be a payment option that is convenient for you and that provides you
with some guarantees in case the company fails to write a paper you need.

Some companies offer free revision services. It is better if your company does so. If your
teacher returns the paper, you can be sure that you get quick and free assistance.
Otherwise, you will need to fix everything either on your own or to pay again for a

The uniqueness of your paper is something that a trustworthy company shall guarantee.
Ask in advance if they use some tools to check papers for plagiarism. If not, they might
sell you a paper that they have sold several times already. It might cause serious
problems for you. As an option, you might check the delivered paper on your own,
however, then, make sure the company will refund you the payment if the paper is

Finally, a good company, like FastEssay.net is, has a responsive customer support
service. It is recommended to select a provider that offers 24/7 customer support. Chat
with their agent online. Ask some questions. Make sure you like how they communicate
and that they reply to all your questions professionally. If you don’t like something, we
recommend checking other options.

If you do all correctly, you can be sure that you get a high-quality service within the time you
need. It doesn’t matter whether the company has only English native speakers living in the USA,
the UK, or another English-speaking country or there are writers who speak English as their
second language. Your main priority shall be the quality of your task and its timely delivery.
FastEssay.net complies with these requirements.

If the selected company complies with all the above-mentioned criteria, you can count on the
best result. You can add any of the requirements that are important to you. We are sure that
with the offer that is available nowadays, you will find your best company.