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Assignment # 1
One of the problems, when a person is victimized via interpersonal violence, is the belief that they “deserve it”. This attitude was examined by the Stefansson, Nordström, Runeson, Åsberg, and Jokinen(2015) study which showed that long-term exposure to interpersonal violence could have an adverse impact on an individual’s sense of personal worth. They develop low self-esteem and attempt to justify what is happening to them through aberrant logic which results in a conclusion that many would perceive as being nonsense yet is thought of as correct by the victim (i.e. that their current situation is justified given their incapability to prevent the violence from reoccurring) (Stefansson, Nordström, Runeson, Åsberg, & Jokinen, 2015). [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Aside from this, victims of repeated interpersonal violence often feel socially isolated since they are unwilling to talk with their friends, family or peers regarding their current situation due to the potential shame of being perceived as being weak. As a result, the combination of low self-esteem, the belief that they “deserve” what is happening to them, and a lack of sufficient social support to help mitigate the adverse effects of what they are experiencing could result in the victim developing a severe case of depression (Vieira, 2015). Taking these factors into consideration, the viewpoint of the victim from the case study can now be constructed.

The Victim’s Perspective
From the victim’s perspective, they feel isolated since they cannot talk to any of their close friends or relatives about the level of interpersonal violence they are experiencing. It has taken a toll on their physical and psychological well-being given the amount of stress that they are going through and, as such, they are desperate for some way in which they can let their feelings out. They decide that they need to talk to someone, but it should not be an individual that they know personally. As such, they go to the nearest hospital and feign being ill so that they can talk to a nurse regarding their current situation and maybe find some form of assistance regarding the situation that they are going through. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Intervention, in this case, would focus on resolving the psychological and physical issues that the victim is currently experiencing. The first step would be to address how the victim perceives their current state of being after being subjected to interpersonal violence. As mentioned in the initial section of this report, a victim can often develop feelings of low self-esteem, aberrant thinking and the belief that they deserve what they get. A nurse practitioner would need to break them out of this thought process by easing them into the mentality that what they are being subjected to is wrong and that there are avenues that they can take to resolve the problem.

Victims of interpersonal violence often experience a sense of being trapped and believe that there is nothing they can do about their current situation. This is far from true since there are numerous social and legal methods that can be utilized to resolve such a problem. All the victim needs to do is gain a sufficient level of awareness regarding what steps they should take to stop the problem from reoccurring. The next phase is helping them with their depression which is due to the physical and psychological abuse that can come from being a victim of interpersonal violence.

Resolving this issue can take time and would need the assistance of a psychiatrist that specializes in cases where people have been the recipients of abuse. What a nursing practitioner can do in the meantime is to explain to the victim that showing other people their vulnerable side by telling them about the interpersonal violence they are subject to is perfectly fine. The nurse needs to explain that showing weakness is a much better alternative than experiencing constant abuse, and this would help them gain additional assistance in preventing the abuse from happening again in the future.

Educating Victims
Aside from all of these actions, it would also be necessary to educate the patient regarding their current circumstance and help them understand that they are not alone. One of the potential methods is by helping them understand the impact that interpersonal violence would have in the long term. Websites like www.US.Reachout.com would be an excellent resource for them to know why interpersonal violence occurs, how it can adversely impact a person’s life and what can be done to prevent it in the future.

Aside from this, other possible resources that they can get assistance from would be local support groups that focus specifically in aiding people that have been negatively affected by interpersonal violence. This would help them get to know other victims and understand their own situation better as a direct result.

Addressing the Physical Violence Experience
Lastly, it would also be necessary to address the physical aspect of the interpersonal violence that the victim is experiencing. While the nurse cannot directly confront the person that is responsible for the incident, a police report can be filed with an attached medical report as evidence for the level of physical harm that the victim is currently experiencing. By creating a record with the police, this helps to create a sufficient precedent for future intervention if the violence continues to occur.

Following Up with the Patient
Ascertaining whether a patient is safe from the interpersonal violence that they were subject to does not need to be complicated given the wide variety of potential avenues of communication that are available. For example, before the patient checks out, the nurse can ask them to add him or her as a friend on Facebook or Twitter. Through the use of social media, the nurse can regularly check up on the patient by looking through their social media feed or by communicating with them via the messenger system. This process is the best choice for an unobtrusive view into the daily if not weekly activity of the patient and allows the nurse to detect if something is amiss such as posts that suddenly seem focused on depressing topics or if they see injuries in the photos that the patient uploads online.

Another method would be to get the mobile number of the patient and call them on a bi-weekly basis. This process allows the nurse to talk to the patient and determine if the problem they have been experiencing has somewhat abated or has been completely resolved. Calling the patient over their mobile number also has a beneficial psychological effect since it would show to the patient that someone does care for their well-being and that they do not have to go through their current experience alone.

Conducting a home visit is not recommended given the time and distance constraints since some people can live in areas that are not easily accessible. It should also be noted that the source of a person’s interpersonal violence could be in the home that they live in and, as such, making their attacker aware that their victim has told someone would result in even more violent attacks.

Dealing with Moral Distress
Nursing practitioners need to be proactive when it comes to dealing with moral distress if they feel that they cannot do anything to help or if their patient is later injured. You should not believe that there is little you can do to help the patient since there is always the option of contacting the police and having them take a look at the case.

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Assignment # 2

Night Shift Team Leader
My responsibilities to the staff focuses on helping them do their jobs properly by creating the proper conditions, workload and teams to accomplish this (Allen & Dennis, 2010). The conflict, in this case, stems from how the two CNAs view the actions and initiative of the new CNA and perceive it as a threat to how they currently go about their tasks. However, there is also the potential that the CNAs enjoy working together and believe that adding a new CNA destroys their dynamic. The conflict, in this case, seems to be an interpersonal one since the two CNAs are likely against how the new hire makes them look in front of the other staff. One way of resolving this issue would be for the team leader to talk directly to the two CNAs and explain how their attitude towards the new CNA has been observed. By directly confronting them, this should help in making them at least act professionally to the new hire and take up their duties properly once more.

OR Activities
What is needed for this case is to immediately put a stop to the doctor’s actions; however, it must be done discreetly given the position of the physician and his influence within the hospital. As a nurse manager, it is my responsibility to ensure that my staff can work in a proper environment that is free from factors that would cause them harm or discomfort (Mortier, Vlerick, & Clays, 2016). As such, it is necessary for me to immediately resolve this situation involving the doctor. The driving force for action is ensuring that the nurse will no longer feel harassed or pressured while the restraining force is the potential fallout within the hospital should this case go public. One support system that the nursing manager can access is the HR department of the hospital who would take cases involving potential sexual harassment seriously (Mortier, Vlerick, & Clays, 2016). The organization has the responsibility to create a proper working environment for employees, and this includes ensuring that they do not feel harassed. As such, it should take immediate action against the doctor to prevent further cases from occurring.

Case Study Aftermath
Fortunately, I have not been a victim of workplace violence nor have I witnessed anything similar to it. The people I worked with in the past were great, and they treated each other like family. Some of the policies that protect workers in healthcare facilities are anti-harassment guidelines, and even penalties leveled against people that have been reported and found guilty. Some of the actions done by healthcare facilities to protect their employees are the implementation of specific policies against harassment and workplace violence that ensure that if a person is caught doing so, they could be terminated or even sued by the hospital.

Reference List
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The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) is a panel of experts that operates in support from the US Public Health Service and plays a significant role in the professional lives of stakeholders in the Health Sector. This could also be classified as a task force with three primary roles. Firstly, it evaluates particular Preventive Services, the making of recommendations about the preventive services that ought to be held as routine in health care and for specified populations, and the identification of the research needed as foundation for clinical preventive care. The accomplishing of these tasks requires various activities to ascertain the validity of the decisions made afterward. These activities include both vigorous and partials assessments of various scientific evidence in different medical preventive services, counseling, screening, and preventive medications.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The members of this task force vary, and this shows why it proves effective in achieving its set objectives. These include health and methodology experts, health psychologists, physicians, and nurses among many others. The selection of members of the task force is vigorous and dominated by a national nomination process. Through this process, the candidates are chosen. This agency has always recognized Nursing, and the first Nurse that led the way was Carolyn Williams 20 years ago. While she was the first woman to be involved in this agency, many other influential women have come after her, and that marks a growth in women empowerment in the medical sector. Some of the popular women involved included Lucy Marion, Bernadette Melnyk, Drs, Janet D. Allen, and Carol Loveland-Cherry (United States Preventive Services Task Force, 2016).

This agency works with Oregon Evidence-Based Practice Center in Portland, Oregon, The University of Ottawa Evidence-Based Practice Center in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and The Tufts Evidence-Based Practice Center at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston Massachusetts (Trinite, 2009). Its ability to work in conjunction with these three Universities provides the resources for this agency to carry out systematic reviews on every evidence-based topics in preventive medications. Once it is done with the reviews, it makes recommendations that are graded from A as the best to D as the least performing. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

From a personal perspective, the under or over use of these guidelines is likely to affect my services as a nurse. Given the fact that the USPSTF conducts a series of reviews to ascertain the guidelines, it would be risky for a practitioner to fail and comply with such guidelines. However, one should be able to assess the situation at hand and consider whether compliance would be the best move or for one to go against such set guidelines. While a nurse could argue that such measures need to be taken to improve the health conditions of the patients, it is also their practitioner’s responsibility to provide the patients with information on the dangers associated with the chosen actions. An example of underusing such guidelines includes screening and counseling services with the goal of preventing tobacco use. Overusing, on the other hand, could include an action such as the regular conduction of tests on urinalysis and electrocardiograms.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

As a nurse, I would find these guidelines useful, as they would dictate the nature of services to offer my patients. Having a guideline creates a sense of discipline, and that is vital in a sector such as health. Despite the fact that one could argue that only I, as a nurse would benefit from the set guidelines, this is not true. As a nurse, I can easily provide valuable data for different studies. Having interacted with many patients would give me an insight that the USPSTF will find useful for different assessments. Therefore, the USPSTF plays a critical role for all nurses, and it should continue developing the guidelines that determine the manner in which the medical sector is operated.

Trinite, T. (2009). An Evidence-Based Prevention Resource for Nurse PractitionersAn Evidence-Based Prevention Resource for Nurse Practitioners.

United States Preventive Services Task Force. (2016, April). About the USPSTF.


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YEAR 10, DAY 249
Our research subject continues to exhibit none of the normal signs of even early development.  Although she has managed to teach herself a form of moving about the enclosure quite effectively using both her hands and feet, it does not resemble a normal human gait.  Similarly no signs of coherent language have emerged.  Our cameras have recorded various groans, shouts, shrieks, and cries, but we continue to be unable to recognize any consistent pattern of expression.  Some of these seem to mimic the sounds made by animals, which we speculate she can hear through the walls, but we can find no semblance of order in them.  We believe that at this point she would be unable to learn human language even if actively taught it by another person. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Last week we encountered an unexpected interruption of the experiment.  The tranquilizers we have been including in her evening meal on nights that caretakers are scheduled to clean her enclosure appeared not to have been strong enough.  The subject awoke soon after the caretaker had entered the pen.  Her response was to shriek loudly and run to the farthest corner of the room, attempting to hide herself.  There was no sign that she recognized the caretaker as a fellow human being, or saw any similarities between the man and herself.  He was instructed not to approach her, but instead to leave the enclosure immediately.  The subject spent the rest of the night in a state of extreme agitation.
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This unexpected turn of events inspired us to have a mirror installed in her enclosure the next day.  Her first response in the morning was to run away once again in terror, but she has since begun to show some signs of active curiosity.  By noon she was approaching the mirror, although she did not appear to recognize the image as a reflection of herself.  At dinner she placed a small portion of her evening meal in front of the mirror, and has continued to do so at each meal since then.  At first we interpreted this act as an attempt to form a connection with what she perceived to be another living thing, but we have since rejected this hypothesis.  The intentionality of the act more resembles religious devotion, leading to fascinating new questions about whether or not her isolation and resultant extreme developmental delays have precluded a belief in God.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

As she shows no signs of recognizing the mirror image as related to her physical person, we view her interactions with it as at the very least an attempt to understand an unexplained phenomenon.  But the ritualistic manner in which she interacts with it seem to indicate that even if she does not have the intellectual capacity for critical thinking required to actively attribute this change in her environment to a well defined higher power, she may be grappling in her own way with questions of meaning and the changing nature of existence.  We will continue our observations of the subject with great enthusiasm!  [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


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Inequalities at the work place based on an individual’s race, class, or gender still exist despite strict measures by the states and the federal government to curb the vice. Although such inequalities are not widespread as compared to the pre-civil rights era, they pose a threat to the advancement of human rights. The law prohibits discrimination of employees based on age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, race, color, or ethnic origin, as well as religious beliefs or lack of. This discussion focuses on such inequalities at the workplace and how they can influence the likelihood of being a member of the “working poor.” [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Inequalities in the workplace
According to Rader et al. (2016), discrimination at the workplace refers to the treatment or proposal to treat someone in an unfavorable manner based on the person’s characteristics that are protected by law. Inequalities in the workplace take more forms such as unfair terms and conditions during employment, denial of promotion, transfers, employment related packages, and performance pay. Additionally, employees may be treated unfairly through retrenchment, demotion, abusive language, and dismissal.

One of the major inequalities in the workplace is being passed over for a promotion or a job within the workplace. According to a research carried out in 2001, more than 75% of Africans Americans and over 20% of Asians and Hispanics reported being passed over for a promotion that they qualified for (Srinivasan, 2015). Women are also more likely to be passed over for a promotion as compared to men, even if they have the same tenure and experience as men. In another survey by the Financial Times, while controlling for education, experience, age, occupation, and industry, women were found to be 2.9% points less likely to be promoted as compared to men (Jopson, 2016).

Even where such women stay in the same company for a longer duration, their chances of being promoted are less as compared to their male counterparts. The chances of promotions are however even lower where such women are black or belong to the other lesser communities. One of the main reasons for being passed over for a promotion has been due to discriminatory HR policies. Promotions are less likely to be carried out on merit as those at the top often recommend people to be considered for promotions. Srinivasan (2015), argues that the rules of personal connections, while considering candidates for a job promotion leave people of color at a disadvantage.

The second type of inequality at the place of workplace involves hatred and lack of tolerance towards a particular race or minority group. Such hatred is dissipated through utterances, and graffiti found at the workplaces. Eve (2010), argues that there has been a growing bias towards Muslim workers since the September 11 attacks. Additionally, the country has been witnessing hatred towards Muslims due the recent shootings in various parts of the world by Isis sympathizers. Other employees and employers also fail to accommodate the practices and beliefs of Muslim workers in addition to ridicule.

According to Eve (2010), claims of intolerance and hatred towards Muslims at the workplaces rose from 1304 in 2008 to 1490 in 2009. A suit filed by JBS employees noted abusive behavior as well as lack of accommodation for religious requirements such as prayers. The employees alleged that the supervisors regularly threw bones and blood on the Muslim employees. The employees were also subjected to anti-black and anti-Muslim graffiti at the restrooms.

Muslims at the places of work are mostly accused of being terrorist’s sympathizers. More often than not, they are likely to be discriminated against whenever they speak in Arabic or adorn their religious attires. For example, a suit was filed against Abercrombie and Fitch in 2010 for discriminating on a female applicant who adorned a headscarf that is in accordance with her religious beliefs (Eve, 2010). However, the company noted “not Abercrombie type” on the assessment form. Although some of these cases are reported a majority of such inequalities go unreported.

How Inequalities at the Workplace Influences the Likelihood of Being a Member of the “Working Poor”
Due to the limited chances of career progression, there has been an increase in the wage gap between men and women as well as the whites and people of color. Promotions are always associated with a pay rise as well as additional pay benefits such as better medical cover. However, failure to attain such a promotion based on one’s gender or race ensures that some people remain as members of the working poor. Employees who experience being passed over for a job promotions are also likely to be demoralized. This may result in reduced output and a reduction in earnings where the remuneration is based on the level of output.

Jopson (2016), argues that although women constitute the greatest percentage of the workforce in the country, over 80% hold the lowest ranks while over 90% of men represents the employees at the top three highest ranks. This factor lowers the women earning capacity as compared to their male counterparts. Women are, therefore, likely to remain at the same level for a longer period as compared to men who are able to change jobs and also get promotions.

On the other hand, hatred and lack of tolerance towards a particular race in the workplace may be attributed to low earnings on the part of the latter. Muslim workers who experience such discrimination may be affected emotionally which may render to reduced output or in severe cases resignations. Such inequalities also ensure that this particular group does not progress in their career that is associated with a higher income. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

The working poor, mainly consist of the people of color and other discriminated groups. There is also a close link between poverty and discrimination due to lack of enough income to pursue other goals in life. For example, women are likely to ignore a chance to advance their education if they feel that they will be passed over for a promotion in the future. However, whereas such an opportunity would have ensured progress in one’s career, failure to undertake such additional training ensures that they remain at the same income level for a longer period. Finally, inequalities at the workplace also play a huge role in gagging up people to demand for better remunerations and additional privileges. For example, Muslim workers are less likely to stand up for their rights for fear of being fired.

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Srinivasan, M. S. (2015). Building A Woman Friendly Workplace. Vilakshan: The XIMB             Journal Of Management12(2), 119-126.


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People always find the need to know more about different topics. This is often the driving factor behind conducting research. The creation of a good research questions is often the determinant of how effective research is likely to become. Every research paper usually has an abstract, which provides a summary of what to expect from the paper.

David Lisak’s choice of title in the article “Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists,” is interesting and can make any reader want to continue reading. In addition, the use of statistics to show how many cases of repeat rape offenders happen in a society without being detected. This research relies on the use of incarcerated sex offenders to determine the frequency of such cases (Lisak & Miller, 2002). Also, in the article “Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual Violence,” Lisak makes use of different examples to make the reader easily find answers to the research question. For instance, by stating that the predators are found in the community and campus, he gives an insight to some of the places in which sexual violence are prone to happen. He also explains that unlike armed robbers or burglars, the sexual predators do not wear masks (David, 2011). He also goes ahead to state that most of the predators have histories of sexual abuse as children.

Therefore, upon the review of these two articles by Lisak, the choice of the research question is critical for determining the effectiveness of the research body. The research question is accompanied with statistical data to show validated results. In addition, he conducts the research over a longer period, and that makes it even more reliable. In conclusion, these two research papers done by Lisak are well researched and able to teach all readers something about sexual predators and repeat rape offenders. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

David, L. (2011). Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual ViolenceSexual Report Assault, 14(4), 49-57. Retrieved September 14, 2016

Lisak, D., & Miller, P. M. (2002). Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists. Violence and Victims, 17(1), 73-84. Retrieved September 14, 2016


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Case Summary
A group of investors who had formed Trap-Ease America had in January invested a substantial amount of money in the making of a new innovative mouse trap with women as the target market. This mouse trap was considered less “messy” when compared to the violent spring-loaded mouse traps. Although Martha has forecasted that the company would have sold about five million units in the first year, the progress suggested that the sales would significantly be less and this was forcing her to rethink her marketing strategy. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Question 2: Target Market
Martha has identified the best target market for Trap-Ease because they did not like to deal with the risks and unpleasantness at home created by the standard spring-loaded mouse trap. Martha could also target another market segment: business organization offices. Many offices, especially those that deal with huge paper works struggle with rats in the office and would not be willing to deal with the unpleasantness of the standard mouse trap due to the hygiene standards in modern-day offices. This expanded target market could see her get closer to her five million units per year.


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The Popular Science is an organization that produces articles on different subjects. The article, is based on the Global Handwashing day, and it compares the hygiene levels based on gender. According to Allen (2009), people have been known to wash their hands more when they are being watched rather than while alone (Allen, 2009). These results have been found by a new public health study and were just in time for the Global Handwashing Day. Many people consider this information a public wisdom since it describes an act that affects all persons. It also goes ahead to state the different levels of hygiene levels between men and women. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

The study found men to be poorer in hygiene as compared to women. The main objective of this study was to encourage people to wash their hands more often. Another move made by a research team from the London School of Hygiene included the installation of a LED screen along a gas station’s toilet on a British Highway. These messages read:

  • Educating: “Water doesn’t kill germs, soap does.”
  • Nagging: “Don’t be a dope — wash with soap!”
  • The Gross-out: “Soap it off or eat it later.”
  • The Hairy Eyeball: “Is the person next to you washing with soap?”

In addition, the survey also used sensors to monitor 200,000 people using the toilets and found that 32% of men and 64% of women used soap respectively. This was part of the reason why women were found to observe a higher level of hygiene as compared to men. Based on these messages, “Soap it off or eat it later” was most effective in encouraging men to wash their hands. On the other hand, the “Is the person next to you washing with soap?” message was effective on both genders. This message proved that people tend to wash their hands whenever they are being watched. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]


Allen, L. (2009, October 15). Science Confirms The Obvious: People Wash Their Hands More When They’re Watched. Retrieved September 5, 2016, from Popular Science


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“To Pimp a Butterfly” is Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore album, and one of the greatest albums of our time. The album is meticulously crafted, with Kendrick Lamar topping critics’ “best of the year” lists all through 2015. This artistic work focuses solely on the times and story of its time. It includes hot of the press topics such as self-indulgence, social injustices, as well as social media. The reason why this masterpiece should be looked into is that it did not win only critic awards, but it left people talking and thinking deeply about the society. Kendrick Lamar produced an album so potent that it surpassed usual notes of attracting the mass audience and producing for commercial purposes. It is a big deal that this never actually happens anymore, but with “To Pimp a butterfly”, Kendrick Lamar hit the right notes.

The main reason I chose this particular Album was that “To Pimp a Butterfly” is a celebration of excellent music and storytelling. Also, Kendrick proves to the world that he is not here just for the fame, but also to prod humans to think about the society today. Moreover, Lamar is lyrically dexterous and sounds like an artist who is at the top of his game. He is musically ambitious and skilled, just enough to have the world look deeply into music and mainly hip-hop as a tool to educate the youth. While it’s knotty to cast Lamar as the savior for hip-hop, it’s equally unequivocal he cannot be dismissed. Kendrick Lamar is the hope that most youths and the hip-hop scene have craved for long.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Terry (2015) writes that “To Pimp a Butterfly” is a 79-minute follow-up album to 2012’s “good kid, m.A.A.d city” which had a profound narrative best described as a masterpiece. Before that was the uneven and not so strong debut album, “Section. 80” in 2011. Of all his works, “To Pimp a Butterfly” has stood out and as expected, garnered more critical acclaim and nine Grammy nominations. Rolling Stone named it the album of the year and described the record as “musically, lyrically and emotionally a one one-of-a-kind masterpiece” (Rolling Stone, 2015, para. 20). The independent music hub, Pitchfork went further to describe it as “not just the album of the year; it is the voice of a moment in time” and Kendrick Lamar as the greatest rapper of his generation (Pitchfork, n.d., para. 30).[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Terry (2015) further notes that the record was released in March 2015 at a time when two very successive and public waves of police and vigilante brutalities of supposedly unarmed African Americans was reported. From Chicago to Cleveland, tragic deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland, led to a surge of protest and riot. These waves form the basis for Kendrick Lamar’s well-written album. His album continues the conversation started in 1970 by Toni Morrison, the author of the “Bluest Eye”, one of the most compelling novels about racism critic’s white supremacy. Kendrick Lamar uses the context of “black is a beautiful cultural movement” to point out the vices of racism.

As Tate (2015) writes, “To Pimp a Butterfly” has many important themes which overlap each other. One of the most outspoken themes is fame and its temptations. It starts out with Kendrick fantasizing about fame and fortune. The temptations of fame are personified in LUCY (Lucifer), where he tackles concerns like violence, US race issues, and slavery (Kinta). Another major theme in this record is contradiction. Kendrick touches on the clash of his two environments, which are fame and living it up and being back to the hood where crime and gangs are a way of life. Similarly, political consciousness is a major theme as Kendrick discusses police violence as well as black on black violence during gang wars. There is also the mention of alienation and depression which arises from fame. Kendrick, in a very economical way, indicates how artists find themselves in hotel rooms in circumstances with few resolutions that lead up to depression.

What makes “To Pimp a Butterfly” more outstanding is its lustrous lyrics. The album is a musical landmark and above all, it is a rich body of work all round. The storyline is straightforward and evidently more poetic than any other of Lamar’s previous works. The plot basically examines Lamar’s struggle, triumph, and emotion while as a caterpillar and the butterfly. The interwoven script of this album makes it one of the best pieces of art of this generation. He uses different stylistic devices to bring forth his message which includes metaphors and personification. The caterpillar and the butterfly both represent his journey through various times of the struggle. Metaphorical statements are made at every turn in Lamar’s attempt to provoke thoughts about black lives matter as well as his relationship with Lucy (Tate, 2015).

It is worth noting that its dense lyricism is an extraordinary epic of afro-futuristic poetry. “To Pimp a Butterfly” is committed to the “relentless exploration of its core philosophical problem” (Terry, 2015, para. 13). It is set on a luscious soundscape of avant-garde music belonging to black Americans. It is an intimate interrogation of the possibility of the crisis of faith, value, and identity that often crowd the minds of all striving black Americans. His spoken word delivery, paired with freewheeling piano accompanied by jazzy composition are just what makes this album the album of all time. In addition to the epic instrumentals, its musicality was completed by the wide variety of jazzy grooves, Hip-hop, soul, and funk (“Metacritic: To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar,” 2015).

The album ends in a gesture where Lamar asks his listeners to possibly self-interrogate and self-criticize. He suggests that the fabric of fighting for equal rights as blacks cannot be contorted in a way that it does not apply in situations that involve two black people. In the same strength, he urges himself and us to stop being hypocritical.

In this analysis, it is imperative to note that strong and conscious music is an important tool in self-education and assessment. The moral fabric of a nation is based on assessing self as well as community without necessarily passing judgment. “To Pimp a Butterfly” is a literary milestone, one that will always have a place in the minds of people.
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The death penalty is a form of government-imposed penalty practice whereby a person proven guilty of a crime is put to death. The death penalty is often given to capital offenders. Capital crimes are serious offenses that include murder, robbery with violence, treason, and espionage (Siegel & Bartollas, 2014). A lot of controversies surround capital punishment, with its supporters arguing that it reduces prevalence crime rates and the antagonists claiming that it is a great violation of fundamental human rights. The death penalty is an ineffective form of punishment that should be abolished and substituted with a more humane form of sentence such as life incarceration. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Capital punishment does not deter further crimes. Similarly, it does not influence second thoughts in criminals. Gauging from statistics from the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) (n.d.), in the US, states that have enforced the penalty have higher crime rates than those without it. Additionally, states that do not have the death penalty have had significantly lower mortality rates compared to states that have enforced the capital punishment. In 2015, the murder rates in states with the penalty were 4.75% while in states without capital punishment, the crime rates stood at 3.70% (DPIC, n.d.). A 2009 study by Amnesty International USA revealed that 88% of criminologists do not believe that capital punishment is a suitable deterrence factor. They claimed that in most cases, criminals are usually not in their senses when committing a crime (Amnesty International USA, n.d.).

The eighth amendment (Amendment VIII) to the bill of rights abolished any form of cruel or unusual punishment (Legal Information Institute, n.d.). Consequently, the death sentence is a cruel and brutal form of punishment that is a direct contravention to this amendment. It should thus be abolished, and another humane form of punishment put in its place. The US should follow in the footsteps of European countries and ultimately abolish capital punishment. When a person takes the life of another, the balance of justice is disrupted, and the only way to restore it is to execute – this argument is archaic and should thus be discouraged.

Additionally, capital punishment should be abolished since it fails to rehabilitate. Siegel and Bartollas (2014) observe that the essence of punishment under the judicial system is to offer corrective help to offenders, and as such, killing them does not achieve this. Instead of killing capital offenders, they should be sentenced to life in jail. Life in prison creates an opportunity for the offenders to get rehabilitation, and even if they fail to get out of prison, they can act as role models to other people, and be used to teach and influence positive behavior. Most capital crimes such as homicides are committed on moments of impulsive thinking, for instance when people are angry or when under drug influence (Siegel & Bartollas, 2014). Killing capital offenders does not help in any way. It does not bring back the dead, yet it takes away another life. It also causes suffering to the families of the offender who were not a party to the crime.

The possibility of ending innocent lives also justifies the abolition of capital punishment. There is a risk that an innocent person may be sentenced to execution by error, and since they cannot be brought back death after execution, the penalty is unfair. The erroneous execution of an innocent person by mistake is a form of miscarriage of justice. Siegel and Bartollas (2014) confirm that such miscarriage of justice pushed Rhode Island and Maine to abolish the death penalty.

Capital punishment is the state-imposed execution of capital offenders. Some states practice it, and others have abolished it. The practice should be abolished for it is brutal, unusual, and generally ineffective. The possibility of conviction of innocent people to execution also justifies its abolition.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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The book “Things Fall Apart” was first published in 1958, as a response to European misrepresentation of Africa as literary a desert. Chinua Achebe explores the impact that colonialism had on the African continent especially in the culture of the indigenous people. The narrative story is told through Okonkwo, the protagonist, and follows his rise and fall. Achebe explores the complex Igbo culture through political, cultural and economic prisms as he seeks to highlight that prior to the coming of the colonialists. Africans had their complex economic, political and cultural systems that colonialism destroyed. In the exploration of this subject matter, the reader is attracted to the patriarchal nature of the society that Okonkwo grows in especially by the different roles that the society assigns to men and women. The men occupy the socially strategic roles and women are relegated to inferior roles such as childbearing and offering support to their men. This paper examines the patriarchal nature of the Igbo society by looking keenly at the family structure as well as the role of women in the novel.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

From the onset of the novel, it emerges that the society subjugates women in its midst. The men in this society take the lead in all matters regarding political, economic, social and familial roles pertaining to their community while the women are relegated to the background. In fact, the women occupy the same rank as that occupied by children. Okonkwo from an early age despises his father because he thinks that his father had been poor all his life because he was “feminine.” From a young age, the protagonist strives to be the antithesis of his father by being tough and strong-willed (Achebe 4). Hence, from the very beginning, the reader is meant to feel that being a woman in this society is nothing but a disability because all the important cultural, political and social roles are preserved for the men. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Even when women are brought into the center-stage, they are discussed in matters regarding their support to their husbands or their role as child-bearers and home makers. Their roles almost end there. For example, Okonkwo’s second wife Ekwefi is fiercely independent, full of energy and strong willed, but Okonkwo seemingly does not love her as he had wished, because she could not give him a son. In fact, the novel almost stops short of showing that the protagonist is the victim of his wife’s inability to give birth to a son by highlighting that he is a victim of his wife’s failures.

Examples and Evidence
The author gives ample evidence to support his claims that Africa had a unique story to tell by deeply exploring the complex political, social and economic structure. For example, he explores the means of enforcing the laws and regulations through the life of Okonkwo. One of the pretenses for the colonialism of Africa was that the continent was backward and colonialism was meant to pull the continent out of the dark. He offers the evidence of the strict and incorruptible council of elders within the Igbo culture that had the power to enforce laws and regulations. For example, although Okonkwo was an elder in the council, when he broke the law by beating his wife in a holy week, he was punished by being banished away from his community and had to spend time in exile (Achebe 78).
Chinua Achebe demonstrates that Africa had its own sophisticated method of administration that was practiced prior to colonialism. The author depends on observation because he had a vast knowledge about Nigeria and Igbo culture having been raised in it. He was also a professor of African studies and an administrator in the government of Nigeria at some point in his career. .[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

As a poet and a novelist, Achebe was saddened by the notion that Africa had no story of its own and most stories about Africa were written by Europeans. Specifically, Achebe was out to criticize Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness.” His reputation, personal experience and professional knowledge greatly contribute to the validity of the novel.

The author has lectured in several universities and colleges in Nigeria and in the United States. He has lectured in African studies, language and literature. Having worked as an administrator for the government, he promotes the idea that it is possible for a government to administer a territory without necessarily having to destroy the indigenous cultures. In this book, the onset of British colonialism is seen to clash with the indigenous cultures and practices and the failure to reconcile the two leads to the tragic death of the main character, Okonkwo by hanging.

Novel Conclusion
The ending of the novel is tragic because it ends with the hanging of the protagonist. The author demonstrates that the failure to find an amicable way of the co-existence of colonialism with the African culture had led to the death of the African values and practices. However, literary wise, Achebe demonstrates that Africa had a unique story and African writers were rising up to tell their story. Such an ending to the story had an effective and important message to the world that colonialism had had a negative impact on the continent by destroying its indigenous practices and value systems.

By reading this book by Achebe, the reader gets a glimpse of the African continent through the eyes of one of the continent’s most accomplished scholars. By reading this book, one learns three important lessons: colonialism had destroyed Africa. Secondly, African novelists were the best placed in talking and writing about Africa. Lastly, the subjugation of women is something that was deeply embedded in the values and cultural practices of Africa. Reading this book introduces the reader into the culture of the Nigerian country and to a large extent the African continent through the eyes of one of Africa’s finest novelist, scholar, son, Chinua Achebe.  .[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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